Blue Badge Stigma!!!

Its happened yet again at my local Sainsbury's," you dont look disabled to me" was the question posed by an 70+ person always seems to be the elderly who make the most noise (nothing agains't the elderly). Sorry i said i seem to have forgotten my plackard today (bemused look by said fellow) yes my plackard that fits around my neck that tells you( not that it has anything to do with you that) i am disabled and i need the space because it hurts my legs, ankles, toes, knee's to walk all the way from the bottom of the car park. By this time a few people had gathered to see if this young person (me) was inflicting any verbal abuse on this elderly person. I pointed out to the elderly fellow that i was a complete ignoramus when it came to disabled people before i became disabled my self. I guess what i am trying to say is that because of the hidden disabilities we have regarding RA people will always assume that we are normal people.

Thats better off my chest now, the anger that is, not the plackard.


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OMG!!! I get this All the time too. It incenses me.

People give filthy looks, the other week the trolley boy ran after me because some woman moaned to him, I said go look at my badge & tell her to mind her own business! I then calmed down & explained my RA to him, not that I should have!

Yes I hate to admit but older people are the worst offenders, if looks could kill...

Anyone would think I was leaping out sprinting from the car, lol.

Michael McIntyre does a great sketch on it, saying that people almost want to see the badge holder falling out of the car & only then it can be justified that it's a worth while cause!!


Well done you for sticking up for yourself. I have only had a blue badge a few months even though the DLA people had sent me the form so they must think i need one. Anyway my friend who has one was annoyed as she had been in hospital with me and said get the "B" form filled in. So I did and had a right giggle in the photo booth trying to adjust the stool without falling out of the booth. whilst restling with crutches. Anyway got the badge and have had dirty looks from others but so far no abuse.


Hi Zimmie, just don't get me started on this one and good for you for standing up for yourself. I've had a badge for about 10years and still get strange looks when parking in a disabled bay and that's before i even get out of the car!! Arghhh!!!

I agree most of the time they are elderly (no offense) they amongst many others just don't seem to understand that you don't have to see the disability to have one. Many times I would park in a normal spot if I was having a good day but now I just don't care, I'm the one suffering and it's so helpful to park in them.

take care zimmie,

mand xx


It happens to me too! people have such a prejudiced view of the meaning of disability...Kind of completely ignorant if you basically arent a wheel chair user.

I think im in danger of flipping out if someone exhibits a mean attitude towards me......I know someone who has MS they have the same problem. Doesnt it help too know we are all getting the same sort of treatment stops you getting paranoid xx x


Having worked with the elderly for the last fifteen years, I would have to say that I agree with your comments........ they are the most vociferous.

I am sixty and retired last september.

If there is a parking bay near enough to the entrance to wherever I want to go I will use it if not I use the disabled bay.

I recently pulled into a disabled bay at Sainsbury just as a uniformed chap presumably some kind of security man was passing. He stopped and turned full frontal to my bonnet. He stared sullenly. It dawned on me that he thought I was misusing the space, so I fiddled in the glove compartment, lowered the visor looked in the mirror and tidied my hair, then searched through every pocket of my capacious bag for absolutely nothing. I got out of the car, slowly put my coat on, put my bag over my shoulder, then last but not least put my badge on display. I then turned smiled sweetly and said is it straight.

He didn't say sorry, or even look abashed, just hrmmphed and sloped off.

I on the other hand smiled all the way to the store whilst in my head I was doing the Morecambe and Wise 'bring me sunshine dance'


Love this wonkers... just brilliant. x


well done wonky


Yes My husband &I were accused of nicking these 2 elderley peoples parking place even though they found a place next to us. We offered to move when they first started shouting at us , still kept shouting at us even when we put the blue badge out & even when my husband was assembling my electric scooter. We are 70 & they must have been 80 ,They wouldn,t leave us alone & in the end I shouted at them to----off. leaving me shaking. Saw the funny side after, a real black comedy.I,ve had a badge for 10yrs without any probs. must be something to do with Sainsburys!


Hello All,

Totally agree with all comments. Because our pain is often 'hidden'

people do make there own assumptions which are wrong.

I too will park in an ordinary space if near the place I wish to go to

but if there isn't I then use the disabled space - after all we are not

well people so why shouldn't we?


Now I don't have a blue badge, my RA doesn't warrant one at the moment but there may be a day when it does. I will, thanks to you all, be fully prepared for some of the hostility that having a BB might create!

However, with two children and RA I always make sure we park in a Parent Space at the supermarket. My kids are 4 and 8 and we get some of those 'looks' but as these spaces are closer to the shop and I don't have so far to walk it is better for me! And I will keep on doing it until they're teenagers!


Spot on everyone, Im 27 and had both hips replaced already, terrible knee and feet problems and bowed ankles, so ive had a BB for a good few years now. I have the exact problems you all do, esp with the elderly, one time my mum and i went to get food shopping (the biggest part of my social life!) and as always we got the death rays from an old couple also parking in the bays, the man then proceded to come over to us and tap on the window," why do you youngsters think you can park in 'our' spaces?" he said, he did not even have a stick or limp, I have two sticks and showed him my hands. He was taken aback to say the least, I then offered to show him my very long and red hip replacement scars, he declined supprisingly and vaguely apologised, we kept seeing each other round the shop and I think it is safe to say he will not be accusing another young person any time soon!


Seems like a sore subject for the vast majority of us, how do we go about making change i don't know. Should we need too? I dont want to argue or show people my sticks, bad body all the time. Is it down to ignorance? lets be honest though the media, newspapers in the last few months have not been kind to disabled people at all so perhaps they need to tone down their views and perhaps the rest will follow suit. But i very much doubt it.



I'm glad to say that I've not had any BB rage, but have seen on many occasions, a very beautiful girl with long blonde hair about age 32 ,who's a wheelchair user because of a very nasty car crash. She before she gets her wheechair out from the passenger side of the car gets many deadly stares from the elderly, who very often have badges only because of their age. Joanne can also park in the parent and baby slot as she has a little girl of 4 and a baby a few months old. You then can imagine the suprise on the faces of the gawpers as she slides out of the car into her chair then puts a baby in a sling on her front and the toddler walks beside her as good as gold. My heart glows everytime I see her. Especially when she wheels past them with a great big smile and a wave. Wonderful



Oooh! I love this one, because I've had the 'look', then I need help out of the car.Then there's the lazy buggers without the badge who park anyway.


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