Sorry really needed to vent. Just hobbled to my car to find a natty parking ticket stuck to the driver's side window. Was parked in a disabled bay displaying in-date blue badge. Think the lazy bugger didn't bother going to the front of the car as from the side window you can't see the badge but two paces further forward and you can! What's even better is that when I parked up mine was the only one of five cars displaying a badge and one car was even hogging two spaces. Parking is "controlled" by a private company that's had a bit of bad press over the months so no surprise there. Have just fired off an email to them which has delayed my meeting friends but just had to act as soon as I got home or I knew I'd explode. Just hope it wasn't so acerbic that they find some loophole to try and make me pay it ;) Ta for listening. Think it's definitely wine o'clock x

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  • Drat!!!! Appeal!

  • If it is not from police or from council, then don't pay it, it is only an invoice. Only pay if it is from the council or police.

    I got one from a private firm in a super market, I just ignored it and it went away lol, I'll try to find a link with advice for you.

  • Sorry to say I had this some years ago. I was told that I had no badge up and I had to pay the ticket or face a fine. I paid it. Don't just ignore it. I really hope you get this sorted it does show this is happening and it's very wrong indeed

  • I'm glad they didn't clamp you. And that you can challenge it successfully

  • Keep appealing. They should have taken a photo of your car to prove that there was no badge on display and obviously he did not do that. It happened to me, but he did take a photo and eventually I won the appeal. Philip is right, it is only an invoice but some of these private companies can turn nasty so I wouldn't ignore it, it may not go away, but don't give in and appeal to Popla, you can google them, you need to check to see if the private parking company are registered with them. Hope this helps you.

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