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Hospital day three

Well today has been VERY Busy. My daughter was on parade this morning at the poppy launch and i went with her. While she was on parade i stayed on the poppy stall in the ropewalk. When that was all over we then had to go to asda to do the shopping that we should have done thursday. I sat in the coffee shop while grace did the shopping. She got a birthday cake for me to take down the hospital as it is hubbys birthday. Then my neighbour picked her up and i went to get him a balloon to put on his bed,then off i scootered down to the hospital. It was very cold and it started to rain,not much thank goodness. Got to the hospital and went in the back entrance. Guess what i had trouble opening the door and i came off my scooter.Got some bruising and grazed my knee. I haven't told my hubby as i don't want to worry him. Had a lovely time down there with him, My friend came and fetched me and he was surprised to see him at the front door with me.

When i got back my daughter had the dinner nearly ready. She is going to see her dad tonight and i've got to stay home and rest. I've got two visits tomorrow.

Well folks thats me done for today i will go and do as i'm told.


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The long haired young lady is my grace sitiing on the pouffee.


Dear Sylvia

Poor u coming off your scooter. Hopefully you'll heal before he comes out and realises you have had an accident. Sounds like you have been very busy of late, nice to hear that you have been up for it. Like you said, you need to map in periods of rest to keep you going. Take care and hope hubby is home soon.

Anne / missy


Hi Sylvia

Sorry youv'e had a rough few days.Hope your husband's on the mend and he will be home soon.Take care of yourself as well and glad your daughter is such a help to you.Do you think you should have "L"plates on that scooter!!!

Take care



L plates i need a hazard warning i think. Yes hubby is on the mend,He had three drips of antibiotics yesterday and he's due another three today and one tomorrow morning and then they will assess him and see if he can come home. This infection has been in his body for about 5-6 weeks. He had put it down to integestion and didn't do anything about it until it made soo ill.

I am in a bad way this morning. I've have a very bad night. What sleep i've had has been good,but its been only an hour at a time. I ache like hell today. My fingers are swollen and i think i will have to take my rings off,not that i've got many on these days,just my and my mums wedding ring. Joints are swollen and sore.My eyes are the same,i just hope that i haven't made the ra worse as its flaring up a bit at the moment. I'm such a fool,i think i was exhausted and had overdone it by going with grace all day. I might not go down the hospital this afternoon but go tonight as i've got a lift then. He wouldn't let me if he knows what i've done. He's not going to be happy with me when he finds out.He worries so much about me and i'm not going to worry him while he is in hospital, he'll find out when he comes home but i'm not going to worry him while he is in there. I think sometimes he's a mind reader as he can always tell when i'm rough.

Well girls i hope that you all slept well and not suffer from the time change like i do.

Thanks for caring don't know what i would do without you all.


Hi Sylvia

Sorry youv'e had a bad night - i know the feeling!

I would just go to the hospital tonight - and then have a really good rest today it sounds as if you need it.It's so easy to overdo things but you do pay the next day.Hope hubby feels better today

Look after yourself

Julie XXX


Thank you julie, i am suffering today, i'm not sure yet whether i'm going this afternoon. Depends on how i feel,will rest. Thanks for caring.


You need a chek over after falling off?.. you have feel off before is the scooter unstable?.. or have you been rallying in it ??!! x


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