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Appointment with Dr

I managed to get an appointment today, he doesn't think it's RA, more likely I've sat in a draft, it's my shoulder rather than my neck, but sending pain all up neck into my head.

Told me to take some Naproxen and has given me a prescription for Diazipan which should relax the muscles, he said they are very tight and knotted up. Have taken Naproxen and feeling a little better, just need to get some sleep tonight now.

Thanks for all the good wishes and the people who chatted in the night.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas.

Mary x

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Mary I really hope it feels better soon. Not sure that GPs actually know that much about RA and which parts of us it can affect. When my neck was bad last year my GP said RA didn't affect necks and it was just lumbago from a draft (same sort of thing yours said) and he's generally so knowledgeable but he was just plain wrong about this I believe. I think it's great that he's given you Naproxen and Diazipan because they are things that will help with RA too so it doesn't really matter what's causing it if the outcome's good. I really hope you get a great night's sleep tonight at last. Happy Christmas, Tilda xx


Hi Tilda,

Yes I was surprised when he said RA doesn't usually effect necks, I know there are plenty of people on here that would disagree with him. I already had Naproxen from when I was being diagnosed but was told by my first consultant (have changed to a different hospital since) that I should not take ibuprofen/naproxen with MTX due to toxicity, so I didn't want to take it without some kind of medical approval. He did say that the naproxen might work on its own and I might not need the Diazipan. Am not sure if I should take the Diazipan tonight as I have to cook dinner for 6 tomorrow and can't afford to be half asleep!

He also said that stress is a big factor in these things and boy have we had to deal with lots of stress over the last few weeks, which I'm sure hasn't finished yet!

I am feeling a little brighter, so I'll just play it by ear.

I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas.

Mary xx


I've taken Diazipan once before when my mum died suddenly a month before Christmas and I went into shock and couldn't stop being sick. The Diazipan the visiting doctor gave me stopped the convulsions/ spasms I was experiencing and didn't make me into a zombie the next day - although I was in a state of shock for a while afterwards. I don't know what you've been through lately but it might make a big difference to the pain and it's important to get a proper night's sleep before you have to cook for six I feel. Good luck Mary! Love Tilda x


Happy Christmas Mary and hope you feel better soon. Enjoy a good nights sleep.

Paula x


Thanks Paula, I hope I do too!

Have a great Christmas with your family.

Mary xx


Merry xmas mary x


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