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Appointment tomorrow

I've got an appointment tomorrow with my Rheumy, it's to get the results of my recent xrays of hand & feet Plus blood results. It's 3 years since I last had xrays & he wants to see if there is any change and if it's inflammotory or wear.

I am really hoping that he is going to up my meds as sulpha & hyroxy aren't having a great deal of effect.

I'm fed up of being sore all the time & needing to take co-codamol all the time :(

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Good luck and is great you can get a weekend appointment. have a great smas and hope your present is your new meds!! love Axx


Hope you get some good news and an increase in meds if that is what is needed!

Ally x


SAT appoint wish my trust did these!. keep us informed


Not an nhs appt - I have to pay to see him privately! :(


Good luck, hope you get the help you need. Would cross my fingers for you if I could ;) x


Well the dr thinks I'm in a "flare" due to the sinus infection I had a few weeks a go. He thought the xrays weren't too bad & could have been a lot worse if I wasn't on the medication.

So he hasn't changed any treatment but has given me a steroid injection.

He did warn me that I could feel ravenously hungry & be hyper!!! Mind you it hasn't had that effect on me before which is probably just as well over Christmas!

Happy painfree Christmas everyone!


I wish that steroids worked on me! :( I had hoped that it would have kicked in by now. I don't feel hyper or ravenously hungry! Am still stiff & aching & rather fed up - however Christmas was good!


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