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What should I say at my next appointment?

Hi all I have been on 10mg methotrexate plus naproxen for 8 months. I was meant to go up a dose by ringing the rheumies secretary but I can never get through, literally. Anyway I have had no improvement in my joints and I am worried. I am 24 and have it in all my joints. I am in agony 24/7 I can't sleep I am anxious. The rheum doesn't seem to care and gives me a 2min appointment. What should I tell him at my next appointment?I am worried he will increase me by 2.5 mg for 6 months and that is it. Help!

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All you can do is keep trying to get RA Nurse, if you cannot get through have words with your GP He may be able to help you through the Specialist. You are supposed to see your Consultant soon, you can wait. See the GP and He will write a not to your Specialist explaining your condition hopefully

Good Luck




Just tell him exactly what you have told us!

Good idea to keep a pain and symptons diary, also take photos of any swollen joints. Write down everything you want to say to him, and take it with you.

It can be helpful if you take someone reliable with you

Above all, try to keep calm, but make sure he is left in no doubt how awful you feel, and make it clear you need adequate help from him

Good luck, I'm sure you will get lots of suggestions from this site, we've all been there. You're not alone!

Do let us know how you get on! M x


All the above and take some one with you who can help you to make it clear how hard things are. Good luck!


I had the same worries , been on mtx since October and getting worse and was really worried all they would do is change the dose , I told them how bad I was feeling and that I didn't think it was working for me and have now been changed to leflunomide , hoping this has more effect , so tell them how bad you feel and hopefully they will listen , I am learning that you need to be assertive , not always easy when you feel ill and low , good luck x


Or it may be time to ask for a second opinion? Discuss your options with your GP, and see if he can refer you to another consultant in a different hospital. I had a rheumatologist who used to have me in and out in a couple of minutes, never mind what I wanted to talk about. My GP and I agreed this was no way to go on, and he referred me to another one who is much better and has done so much to help me.

Good luck,

Dotty x


Sounds like u need another medication with it. I am on hydrocliroquine (not sure of spelling) and 15mg of mtx and it helps


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