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Christmas best wishes

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to wish you all a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

I'm still at my sister's with my ankle healing - slowly but getting there. I feel as though I have made many new 'virtual' friends on this site and from the looks of it a few new ones have arrived in the time I've been absent from the blogging crew.

This has been quite a challenging journey and I would like to blog my experiences at some stage or another when I can get my thoughts together.

Obviously, I feel a great sense of unity with all of you on this site but at this time of year I would like to offer an extra-special best wishes to those on this site who are single and struggling to manage on their own through pain and increased sense of vulnerability. We are not as alone as we may feel when there are wonderful people on this site who are there to offer support.

Have a lovely time everyone. I look forward to resuming contact with you all soon.

Judy. xxxxx

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Judy I've been wondering where you been and how you've been feeling/ coping so it's great to read your blog. Take care and have a good Christmas you too - look forward to resumed contact greatly! Tilda x


Judy a very merry christmas to you and your family and i hope the ankle keeps on healing nicely and then in the new year you won't be hopalong for


Hi Judy. Oh I have missed you. Glad to see that you have had some company and you are healing well. Won't be long till your Can go home. Lots of love Carole. Happy Xmas


I'm waiting for the book of your experiences..... Hope you're mending well as coping ok with having to rely on other people. Pollyx


Hello girls,

Lovely to hear from you all and what a warm welcome back. I can see that I've got a lot of reading up to do to catch up.

Good News!!!! I had my first outing yesterday since 12th September. Bad was to Asda. Ah well, at least it was out. It was my first sight of Christmas decorations so I'm picking up the holiday vibe now without having to deal with any of the stress of preparations.

I'm swapping sisters for a few days as the one I have been staying with for the last week doesn't celebrate Christmas. Watching me trying to get up and down the stairs in time for the loo will be the entertainment for the holiday I think. My nephews are merciless so I expect relentless teasing from them.

Judy. xxx

ps Where has Feather gone?


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