Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year from across the waves of the Atlantic !

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year from across the waves of the Atlantic !

To all members of this wonderful site, I thank you for this past year of fun and frivolity, encouragement and understanding, you are a marvelous group of people.

The fun of Porch Parties and the competition of Strickly Come Blogging showed us how truly therapeutic these imaginings can be!

To me, it was just so awesome, that a group of people could come together, sit on someones porch, enjoy coffee, tea and whatever else some members could think of, enjoy all the goodies we all brought to the "serving table" and carry on hilarious conversation, reaching across the Atlantic Ocean..all by sharing imagination!! That was memorable.

The subsequent Pub hopping has been hilarious, all along the same ideas.

Even with all the comics in the group, we can maintaine the understanding and compassion needed by each of us and all the new additions to our family.

It is so pleasing to have you all accepting me as one of your own from this side of the pond. I love you all, and wish you all the best for a New Year of Less Pain, more Mobility!

Loret aka Lorann xxxx

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  • Love you babes and have a great festive season with the familyxx

  • Love you too, and sure hope you can recover soon enough to join the group downstairs !!!

  • Me too !

  • Hello BOB here

    All the very best A Merry Christmas ans a HEALTHY, WEALTHY, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR


  • Thanks Bob, the Wealthy part might just ensure the others! :)

  • A very Merry Christmas to you Loret, I hope you have a lovely time with your family. Look forward to hearing from you in 2014. xxx

  • Thanks Georje, enjoy your sunshine, stay well. xx

  • Thank you and I hope you have a great time

  • Thank you, I am trying, so best wishes for you too.

  • Lovely tree Lorann hope you have a lovely festive time love from me Christine xxx

  • Thanks Christine, Merry Christmas, enjoy it all, stay well xx

  • Darling Loret, who can forget your costumes or you swooning in you beau's arms in Strictly:-} It's been a joy to get to know you via the wonders of the internet and the HU Forum. I hope that you are getting some relief from that wretched back pain and that things get resolved for you in 2014. Have a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cece x

  • Thank you dear Cece, It has been a joy to be with all of you this year. Wow, we have been through some turbulence, but alot of joy and giggles too. We have discovered some talents amoung us! Very clever comics, like you! I know your family is there and will make sure you are comfy and happy while they fix dinner, etc. Enjoy while it lasts! Much love xxx

  • ....and I do remember Anton and his lovely dance moves while holding me....:)

  • Loret, a Happy Christmas to You & yours, & hoping 2014 is a better Year for You & everyone else on here, love Rie x

  • Thanks Rie, that is the ideal wish for all of us. Hope your Christmas is a happy and joyousa one for you and all of yours.xx

  • Peace, Love and Joy for you, dear Debbie. It has been a great joy getting to know you and all the others. We've shared some humps along the way, and our cares for those who have endured some recent scares and surgeries. Thanks to you or relaying messages about Ronnie/Fiona. Last post sounded very encouraging.

    Have a wonderfully happy Christmas, dear one. xx

  • Cheers Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year xxgins

  • Merry Christmas and a great New Year, Gin. Hope to get to know you more in the coming year!

  • Lovely Loretta you can sit on my porch anytime you like. I wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas.xxxxx

  • Sweet Sylvie, Thanks hon, I would be honored. I hope your Christmas and the New Year are filled with all the joy and frivolity your growing family can enjoy :) Just rest when you can and then dance :) hahah, Yeah I know, dear friend, I'm not dancing right now either. Have a happy...xx

  • You can sit in a chair and wiggle your toes Lovely Loretta which is what i will be

  • That's beautiful Loret.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas x

  • Thank you Joanne. Have missed chatting with you recently. Have a really fun and joyous Christmas, and more best wishes for a peaceful and more comfortable New Year!! xxx

  • Have a great Christmas from all of us over the stormy pond. And a peaceful new year. I have really enjoyed your company this year. PARTY ON !! :-)

  • Thanks Stuart, and so we shall! Have thought about a pre-New Year's Eve Party, like the day before, ie Dec 30. What do you think?

  • Bytheway, did you ever get your kitchen finished? Could it possibly serve as a drink bar for our next soire? heheh Meantime, have a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

  • Yes the kitchen is finished and we will be cooking dinner for the family in it tomorrow. Well actually we have already started! And a drinks bar for the 30th sounds good to me. I used to work behind a bar in my misspent youth, so it'll be just like old times :-)

  • OK plans are developing...

  • Hi Sweet Lorann,

    What a beautiful festive picture. I can just see you sitting by that lovely tree, unwrapping all your Christmas goodies. I'm Looking forward to sharing more adventures with you in the New Year. Hoping to pole vault over the Atlantic to New York so I can abseil down the Chrysler Building in a Marilyn Munro frock. Practising my pole vaulting even as we speeeeaaaaaak whoops! Just landed.on top of a plate of mince pies!!

    Here's hoping you have a wonderful day tomorrow, enjoying a feast.

    Love Kath xxx

  • With love and best wishes fae o'er the seas.


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