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2.00am in the morning

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Was there a song title like that, rambling again. Went to bed at at 10.30 woke at 1.50 so much stiffness around shoulders and neck again just had to creep down stairs, cup of tea and tonight luxury choc biscuits, yummy; followed just by a 5 ml diazipam:-)

I'm so tired, had MRI today to see what's going on with lower back and hips, I can tell them I'm falling apart at the seams. Have to wait to see consultant in January which is ok given every thing.

Work have been real pigs and didn't pay me a thing not even SSP claiming they had over paid me in November. I've had to instigate a grievance while of sick, this is a company in social care. I'm dumbfounded by them, no consultation nothing just bam here have this five days before Christmas. Now dipping into savings luckily we have some but stress on wife as the earner now.

I feel like naming and shaming them in our local as the original Scrooge company but not sure. I think I will have to go back early as all will suffer otherwise, signed of until

17/1/13 so not sure really. Decision like this can wait until

New year.

Going to try and get few more hours sleep if I can hope you night owls all ok

Will xx

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Hi Will

Don't know if you are still awake, hope not!

Sore neck and shoulders here too, i think I might be having my first flare as I ache in lots of places and my neck is so sore.

I'm sure stress plays a big part in this and you seem to have enough right now. We've also been stressed over the last few weeks and I'm sure it won't be the last time, I think we are on the slippery slope with my husbands work (he has Parkinson's disease). I don't work and I don't suppose anyone would want to employ me with RA.

Hope you managed to get a bit of sleep! Just waiting till the paracetamol start working and then I will try again.

Mary x

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You poor thing thoughts stevriyh you and husband, I've just woke up so the table did help thankfully. Yes now I remember the song x

Hello you two, i am up as well. I have the sore neck and shoulders too, very uncomfortable, pain which ever way you lie. I would love someone to give me a big pounding massage but know that would hurt more and probably not solve a thing. I have just had some cocodamol so hope that it gets better soon.

There is a song where the first few words are - its 4 in the morning - a Leonard Cohen one. full of useless info, me.

the job thing is really worrying, I have to work as well and I wish i took out critical illness or something years ago just in case. I have used up all my holidays now so the next three months are going to be hard.

Saffron if your job paid you too much in november that is not your fault surely there should have been a timeline to pay it back not to take it all from you at such a critical time. That seems so unfair.

I am going to get myself a bit more comfortable and see if the drugs start to work. Night night you two hope you are both snoozing now.

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I like a good fight its that I'm paid tondo for others among other things as a guppies and recovery person. Stress is the key factor hor me I know, just woke up hands stiff feet and legs stiff but I did sleep.

Weird dream that I was being coated in Christmas glitter all over and it was lovely, obviously fuelled by meds:-)

Hope you got some rest x

HI everyone i am up too and the song you are reffering too Will is "its four in the morning". I have had a bad night too. After strictly i went to bed and tried to do a wordsearch but was so tired so i put the light out and dropped off. THen when my two came in about 12.30am one from work and both from the pub, they woke me up and ever since if someones moved i am wide awake again, Then i would go to sleep and then a phone ringing in my head woke me up with a jolt and that has how it has been until 4.30am when i gave up and came down here.

My shoulders ache and my tinnitus is going crazy as well as my eyes which i will have to put some drops in.

I wish you all a better nights sleep tomorrow night and a very merry christmas. Love sylvi.xxx

Thank you that song was on my mind, just woke up in my chair. It really helps me to get in positions that work for me, the meds did help more though out like a light very weird dreams of Christmas glitter;-)

Can I join the club? I'm obviously sleeping lightly as was woken by husband snoring. Tried to listen to earphone radio but it was about 2 when world service goes Latin American and they start playing cheery music. So I tried a melvyn Bragg podcast but ended up going to sleep in spare room and started again with three chapters of my book. I do find that kidding myself by doing the going to bed routine again is quite good. All I have to do today is try the Jamie Oliver gravy in advance, because daughters just announced that she is going to take over my kitchen to make an orange trifle from scratch. She never does things by halves

Ps saffron, I really hope your work situation improves. I had to retire a bit early, don't regret it, but it's not brilliant financially - and I've an occupational pension too...

Good luck with your grievance, That's all you need on top of everything else, I have to agree with mads on this, They could of took a bit at a time from your wages, And should of took the time to explain it to you first than just taking it, But if you are entitled to SSP, I can't see how they can take the money out of that, as they don't pay it, I would defiantly push for this, Have a great Christmas and Take care xx

Oh dear all - sorry you are such a load if night owls. To come in on this at nearly ten in morning now, I was up all night. Sleeping in studio again to avoid snoring husband and sons who go to bed in the early hours and then cough all night plus Ruby the pup - I webt to bed at 11pm feeling very nauseous, was violently sick at 1.30am and there's no loo up here so I had to put dog on the lead, don my clogs and take full sick bucket down steps to the nearest bathroom. On route, down steep steps in rain and wind blowing gusts of up to 110 mph I got hit by one such and almost dropped bucket (with lid!) as I was blown backwards off my feet!

Staggered into house, deposited dog no.1 with snoring hubby, cleaned self and other stuff up and then found eldest sitting in kitchen on Skype to his girlfriend. Asked whereabouts of middle son - said he hadn't seem him (they were meant to be together celebrating best fiends 21st).

Came back up being careful to run head down before another gust took me. Fully expected this vomiting to continue but weirdly it didn't. I was then woken at 4am by sons text vibrating on floor next to my bed " Home now and in bed after the weirdest night of my life, I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Hope your feeling okay I've heard this bug is horrible xx" which was sweet and very intriguing?

But then became aware that whole studio shed building was moving with loud bangs and constant roar and beat of rain everywhere. Heck - I lay there trembling as bit but too cosy and snoring and dog free to move! I replied to you Mads but it got lost - then found myself fretting that this one off vomiting seems to have become a monthly occurrence for me? Weird really as I ate nothing dodgy - just a bowl of fruit and plain yoghourt at 9pm. There is a winter vomiting bug doing the rounds as son refers to but it would have carried on all night surely? No one else has it (yet) in my family and something similar has happened to me 3 times in 4 months. Maybe the MTX or Hydroxy are making my tummy too sensitive is all I can think?

Sorry to write all this here Will but hope it makes you feel a little better reading of others contrasting rubbish? So lousy for you about your job. Hope the MRI result is helpful whatever the outcome and that you get some relief very soon.

Wind here has lessened a little from storm force to gale force but its still raining and raging. Yiuck. Hubby has nightshift tonight so I'd better go and rescue him now. TTx

I feel your pain (literally) too - I have a flare in my right wrist - which is wonderful as I'm right-handed and have seven members of my family staying with me tonight, so resting up is not an option. I was up at 2am and 3am and finally took pred at 4am to try to get some relief.....

It's stress that brings mine on too - had manic week at work and a leak in my downstairs cloakroom that seeped under the newly laid floor in my kitchen/diner and caused that to buckle. Also had a new coffee machine that leaked and damaged the recently fitted kitchen work surface - so am busy playing the 'insurance game' to see where the parcel stops for who's going to pay.... At least my work are closed now until 2nd Jan.

I hope you get sme redress over your pay and that we all sleep better tonight....!

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