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Silly o'clock in the morning


Here i am at some god awful time in the morning wondering what to write as sleep is avoiding me tonight. Both knees don't want to play tonight and my shoulder has come out in sympathy with the knees. I think this has been coming on for a couple of days as i have felt out of sorts if you know what i mean. Its not something that i can put my finger on. Just tired,fed up,exhausted don't know where to put myself or what to do.

I don't think that i have fully got over the infection i had at christmas,as i haven't felt right since then,though the infection has gone. My mouth feels like a dirty sandpit.I could cry for england at the moment,but i'm sure that will pass. I wonder what i'm doing wrong or is it because the weather is starting to change and is getting colder. While i was in bed the noises from outside kept disturbing me and thats one of the reasons for coming downstairs so i don't upset hubbys sleep as he needs his sleep as he has work tomorrow.

Not sure if i should go to see the doctor,but what do i tell him, sorry doc but i feel out of sorts,what on earth will he say to that. Can you imagine his face when i'm telling him that,him thinking silly woman what are you talking about.

Well friends i think i will try and get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Hope you all sleep better than i am at the moment. Night all.xx

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Sorry you can't sleep x I'm going back now really tired.

Just wanted to say go to the doctors and tell him how you feel don't forget its them who should diagnose what's wrong not us so telling him you feel out off sorts is enough. get back to sleep x thinking off you hoping you feel better soon x Julie x

Thanks julie,i went back to bed about five and settled down until 7.30am,not a good night all told,but it was full of weird dreams and i ache. Perhaps your right and i will see if i can get into the doctors. Rest well my friend. love

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Thanks Sylvi,

I went back and stayed there till about 11, and been nodding on and off all day x

Hope you sleep better tonight xx take care and let us know how you get on at the doctors

julie xx

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I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow at 10.20am so we'll see whatshe has to say to me. Couldn't see my regular gp despite how he was the last time i saw him,he is booked up until next wednesday. If i see him tomorrow in passing i will tell him about the results from consultation.

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hope all goes well xx

It's not really surprising that you're feeling low after all the trouble you've had over past weeks - and it's not that long since you've got rid of the actual infection. When I had pneumonia I felt rubbish for weeks & weeks after: no energy, very flat and uninterested in stuff, and generally only half awake all the time although not able to sleep deeply either. And you've been stuck indoors a lot as well, which doesn't help get back into a proper sleep pattern, as well as worrying about possible redoing of your knee. Can you think of things that would give yourself a boost, and help you get through this a bit more quickly? For me it's things like chicken soup (especially if I have the roast chicken dinner first, and make the soup from the carcass). Polly

Polly i did wnder if it was the after effects of the infection. I try to go out most days to get some fresh air.My joints ache like hell,think that might be the sudden drop in tempreture as it is going down fast.

Give myself a boost,now that is the question? being able to breathe without difficulty, being pain free, being about 5 stone lighter,is that what you mean? no it isn't is it,its things like calippo lolly, cherry lucozade which i drink a lot of and shouldn't.

I know i expect too much of myself,i always have,but i must admit this is getting me down. Also i think the ra/fibro decided that they thought that they would stir up trouble at the moment as well. We can't win can we.

Today i'm going to get my nails done,not that i feel like it much at the moment. My nails are going to be red/white and blue just for a change.



If your doctor thinks your a silly woman it's time to change GP - i would go and have a chat if i were you.Chest infections can take months to get over so don't be too hard on yourself,you'll get there in the end! I love looking at the designs you have on your nails so try and post a pic if you can

Lots of love


Julie i will put a photo up. I have an appointment tomorrow to see a doctor,but not my regular one,i couldn't see him him until next week which is silly.Its my mind that thinks i'm silly not the gps,its just how i feel.

I try soooo hard to keep going,just when i start to feel something like a normal human being a night like last night kicks me in the teeth to remind me that there's nothing normal about this disease i've got.


Hi Sylv

I had trouble sleeping for a wee bit, but my restlessness was due to it being warm at nights and hubby is a human radiator and decided to lie over me, thus heating me up. He is so heavy to push of now adays, so I managed to wake him and told him he was heating me and to move over. I fell asleep soon after that.

Feel good today, energy wise. The extreme fatigue has lifted. Felt differently as soon as I woke up. Done two loads of washing and now resting, will skim over bathrooms later (trying to pace myself), as tomorrow is mtx day and I don't know how long the fatigue is going to last for next wk and I am expecting to sleep for the wkend. So bathroom should keep then until sunday, when I am hoping I can do something again.

It takes time to recover mentally and physically from a draining illness. You where pretty sick at chrimbo time. I think its natural to feel out of sorts until you get your stride/stroke back, don't over analyse it; anyway I think you wrote a pretty amusing blog for that time of night. Hmmmm perhaps you do your best work hun in the wee hrs of the night????

Eagerly awaiting tonite's instalment,

Take care

Sci xx

Ha ha sci, i really didn't know what i was going to write until i started then it just flowed. Just got back from having my nails done,am exhausted and i will try for a sleep this afternoon. My daughter will take pic of nails and i will put them up later.

Love sylvi.xx

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you knew I was gonna ask for a pick to see your nails.

I tried to put up a pic of my baby girl (my puppy), but it did not work. What am I doing wrong - any suggestions?

Awaiting nail pic,

Sci x

When my grace comes home i'll get her to type you a message on how to do it ok. and i'll get her to take a pic and i'll post it later.


Hi sylvie,

I hav a bit of insomnia as well, but am extremely tired at the moment, had all bloods done this week, so maybe something there. Have you tried a drink of hot milk at bedtime and various lavender sleep stuff, I suppose you have.

I too feel sometimes as if I have a bug or virus, and other times I'm ok, just don't feel right as you say. The surgeon I saw last week said it's all part of Ra. I thought might be after affects of operation.

I hope you have better luck. Tnite. I can't even come downstairs anymore cz I disturbthe dogs, and they start yapping...

Hugs, Gina.

I'm an ovaltiney girl every night without fail. I have my own man to make it and he brings it upstairs on a tray for me. What a service hey.

sylvi. xx


HI Sylvie, You poor thing, this sleeplessness is awful, you end up in more pain I think. That in itself would make you feel out or sorts.

Doctor should be sympathetic, like you say you are probably run down from that bad infection you had.

I am taking cocodamol about an hour before bedtime and that certainly knocks me out for about 7 hours - I had been off them for about 5 weeks so i get full effect of drowsiness when i go back on them again.

Really do hope you get a decent sleep tonight

I will mads as i will increase the amitrptyline from 2 to 3. Have posted photo of new nails,gone patriotic this time,red white and blue.

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