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I'm back from my first rhemy appointment,

I must say i couldn't of ask for anything more from my rheumy, He was so friendly and explained everything to me, He has comfirmed that i have RA and today i have been given a steriod injection WEEP PEE, I will be given a steriod injection everymonth for 3 month only to give time for the Methothotrexate to kick in.

He also took Xrays of my hands, feet and chest, I had four lots of blood taken And my results will be sent to my GP with my xrays within a week, so i have booked my appointment for Thursday 22nd.

He has prescribed a weekly dose of 15mg a week of Methotrexate and also Folic Acid to be taken once a week two days after takening the Methotrexate.

He has also prescribed Hydroxychloroquine 200mg to be taken once a day,

I will be starting the meds when i see my GP next week depending on the results of my xrays and bloods.

He will also be sending all my results to me by post, with a follow up appointment within the next month, He also gave me alot of information to bring home with me on any side affects etc, I spoke to him about work and he said YOU WILL BE FINE, GO AND ENJOY YOURSELF, After all this suffering over the last five months, I intend to do just that............ The steriod injection should kick in in a couple of days.......


Hope you are all well as can be, And thankyou all again for being there and giving me great advice and helping me to stay possitive, I could'nt of done it without you all.


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Hi Scouser thanks for your message, Sorry you may have mensioned this before, But are you still on the same meds now, And if not why did you have to change? X


That is great news. Glad you had such a good doctor and a positive experience.

Hope you get good results and little side effects.

Take it a little easy to let the injections kick in. And go easy on your joints too. The injections give you a good boost but please don't over do it.

So happy for you.

Glad you are getting sorted.



Hi Shirley its really great that you had a positive experience and had such an understanding rheumy even if you got a diagnosis that none of us really want,you are starting treatment and hopefully you get good results from it. I had a response from the steroid injection within a few hours but pace yourself still as you can overdo things as you feel so good in a day or two. I felt i'd lost my Mojo again after 5 days and thought that the steroid was wearing off but I think I overdid things because I felt so much better after feelin c**p for a few months and have now recovered a bit. hope the treatment gives you good results and you have NO side-effects.



Thankyou I'm not due back to work untill the 3rd december, So that will give me plenty of time,

I promise i won't over do, Xxxx


Yayyyyyyyy go shirl !!!!!!! So so pleased for you :))))))) sounded like you had a fab first experience today,I am over the moon for you as know how tough its been for you?just one question what is hydroxy ? I'm wondering why I was just given mtx and folic acid at my first appt? I suppose they are all different really?well done shirl and now u can look forward to Xmas and even more so of getting and feeling loads better.lots of love Michelle xx


hydroxy is hydroxychloroquine, which is another disease modifying drug. It's also one of the very common drugs used alongside MTX, but doctors vary about how they treat people depending on what physical signs they see and the results of blood tests etc. So don't worry that you've only been started just on MTX, you're not being short changed it is probably because your rheumy felt that MTX would be enough for your symptoms and they do often try to give you the smallest amount of drugs.


Thankyou polly xxx


Thats brilliant that they gave you so much help and information and you have an understanding rheumy nurse.

Im getting more info now after i complained and even got to speak to a rheumy nurse this morning when i went for my bloods so feel a bit happier.

Take care



very sorry that you're now one of us, but at least now you know for sure and can concentrate on getting treated. Don't get too alarmed about the list of side effects for the drugs, they don't happen to most people but the drug companies have to list everything that could possibly happen. (You might tho' want to ask your GP about starting the first week at a lower dose of MTX and adding on a bit more each week till you get to 15mg to give your body time to adjust.). Polly


Welcome to our group, know its not the one you wanted,but this group is the most supportive and very knowlegable group of people. THis lot won't let you down as i found out today. They become your friends too.

I am pleased you had a good experience when you was diagnosed. It helps when you have a good rheumy team behind and never be afraid to ask them for help.



Welcome officially Shirl! I know this is daft but I actually felt quite jealous of your rheumy experience? Not that mine is hostile or unfriendly exactly but he put me on MTX this time a year ago (starting at 7.5 and building up to 15mg after 6 weeks - an extra tablet every few weeks). He said I would see him next in March and then March came and went and I phoned and found that I'd fallen to the bottom of the list for new referrals. So I didn't get to see him again until last July - 8 months later! Now once again I'm not being seen when he said - this November - so will be waiting until March for second apt since being diagnosed a year ago! I only relay all this so you know that although you've been very unlucky getting RA of course - you are at least very lucky to have such a great sounding rheumy and to be seeing him again in a month's time - fab!

I'm now on Hydroxy too as my GP pushed for a second DMARD for me and am feeling really well so hopefully you will suit this combination of therapies too. I did read on NRAS somewhere that this is one of the most effective combination of therapies for early RA.

Tilda x


Hi Polly, I will ask My GP about the amount i am taking, But looking at the notes the Rheumy gave me, He has crossed out 7.5mg and put 15mg, so maybe there is a reason for it,It does say that if there are side affects they may consider changing it and spliting the dose into two,

With half the dose in the evening and the other in the morning.........

But i will still ask as i can see what you are saying Thanks Xx.


Great to know you had a positive experience for your first visit it makes such a difference



pleased to hear ,, youve got a helpful team behind you ,, good care n support ,,is always a great first step .. be lost without it ..

well done shirl x


Thats great to hear your rummy doc is as nice as mine and the nurse is great too hope you feel lots better soon love karen x


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