SORRY- been off the radar!

I went down hill rapidly and was not able to turn the computer on let alone type.

Had a large steroid injection, and finally gave in and gave up work to my familys' relief. EMA is more than what I was earning where i had cut my hrs down to 5. Have been watching Kirstie Allsopp and hope to try some new craft projects.

I am due to go in hospital for a 3hr IV. I do not know what, but I am willing to have anything to try and calm things down. Any info gratefully received.

A big thankyou to all those of you who had blogged me before, you'll understand why i have not been blogging.

Take care all

Missy/ Anne

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Lifes not much fun for you at the moment, but as long as you feel you have made the right decision to give up work then don't worry about it. Its hard to do but i got made redundant 2yrs ago and even now i don't like it,but i'm not fit to do anything. I can't do my own housework so how the hell am i going to go to work. It will give you time to spend with your family.Keep your chin up mate.



Dear Sylvia,

Why am i not suprised to have received a message from you- you provide much needed support. I thank you. Take care yourself.

Anne x



Can't help with the steroid infusion but hope it helps -you've got the same attitude as me - i'll try anything to help !

Well done on making the decision to stop work it's not easy -i'm reaching that point and it's a very hard desicion but good that you have a supportive family behind you-it makes a world of difference.Hope you find lots to occupy yourself but don't forget to rest in between

Take care and good luck with the infusion

Julie XX


Hi Missy, I gave up work almost 2yr ago, it took a while to ajust and I did become a little depressed and missed my workmates and the routine of work, but now it's great.

I've now got my life back on track, no longer exhausted all the time, got my meds sorted and best of all when I am worn out I can rest as and when needed, Great. Plus surprisingly, financially I'm actually just as well off on disability benefits than I was when working! Which is rather annoying as I was in quite a well paid job by todays standards.

Good luck hope you feel better very soon. xx


Hi Missy , pleased you are back with us and feeling a bit better , what is ema? xx, and how do you apply for this?, Im curious as I have had to reduce my hours drastically?

Best wishes



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