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I do have RA, saw Very nice Consultant yesterday as  Two years ago it was thought I had a TIA, even the consultant this morning says it is in doubt as to whether I had one or not. Just slurred speech for a few moments and I was drinking cocoa, that I have each morning. Nothing found on MRI, CT etc He feels now it was a migraine aura without the headache.

Now I know my BP [189/96] is up yesterday at the hospital...typical as I get nervous. Now they cannot give me any drugs for BP nor arthritis etc cos of allergies/intolerances. Aspirin/lactose and pineapple gives anaphylaxis attacks and could kill. He said that yesterday. But he did say to find a therapist who would make me relax and meditate, as I must get more in control of myself. My IQ is still over 180 according to the psychiatrist who tests me every two years. [Don't know why they bother but I like the tests it's fun]

Suggestion he made this morning was to have or find an herb etc that would calm me down or something similar. Most have salicylates in them.

Do you know of anything that would help me? Or any thoughts on what I can do? Will be 74 on Friday.  I live on the East coast of England in a sleep little town. 

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  • Taking any herbal product could be a bit risky as you don't always know exactly what the ingredients are (not regulated like meds are) and don't know what fillers they might have used.   I wonder if you could do something like use aromatherapy, or even massage with scented oils?  Also, to help you relax and reduce stress dramatically, mindfulness training is really excellent

  • Hi, and thanks, yes I do have massages each week.  I also teach aromatherapy but don't do what I preach!   I have read books on mindfulness.  It is I think, practical help I shall have to get and Skegness is so far from anywhere and we have no car now.  It sounds like excuses.  Honestly these ideas from different doctors have gone on for ages years in fact.  I am my own worst enemy.

  • I do meditation (when I can be bothered) using a thing called Headspace which is online. Its been recommended by a couple of counsellors and does help to calm you.

  • Cathie can you pm a link please.

  • Hi Beauty,

    I find mindfulness meditation really helpful. I live with RA, depression and an eye condition and the meditation work helps me to keep grounded. I have also done quite a lot of counselling work since being diagnosed with depression (7 years prior to the other two conditions) which has also helped me sort out my ruminating/negative thought cycles.

    I use a couple of apps on my iPad (especially after a busy day at work and at bed time). The apps are Budify, Mindfulness and Sleepfulness. I also use some of the meditation tracks on the Omvana app. I also attend a monthly class which keeps me practicing with renewed focus after each 'lead' session. If there is a local Buddhist centre nearby they may do a beginners meditation weekend (these tend not to be religious focused but more relaxation focused). Gentle gardening also helps me relax and be more positive particularly if it has been sunny... even in the winter being outside in the sunlight helps me so long as I am well wrapped up against the elements.

    All the best


  • Oh and a happy birthday for tomorrow! 🎂

  • Thank you

  • Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day.

    Have you tried yoga? And chamomile tea is vey calming. Might there be a good alternative therapist you could see? Homeopath or acupuncturist or cranial osteopath?

    Hope you find something to help!

  • I teach Tai chi.  To be quite fair I have tried a load of things over the years.  My IQ is very high still even at 74 and I feel the docs are concerned cos my uncle and nearly all his family suffered stroke cos of it.  I can't bring it down so it is living with it and I am quite nervous since the war....yep born 1942 and counted airplanes in the pram at 9 months old.

  • Hi I don t take any other meds except mtx and I hate that so I use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I use a variety for different things but my staples are one called balance on my temples (stress relief) and one called on guard in the diffuser (immune boosting) I also use clove oil on my big toe to promote restful sleep. Hope you get sorted!! Oh I also use a book from relaxkids which has about 120 short meditations in it and the pictures are lovely 💖

  • Thank you.  How did you do it, fabulous Glennis xxxx

  • You've received good advice Glennis, I hope some of it helps. Just wanted to add my birthday wishes & I hope the sun shines for you today. x

  • Thank you, yes shall read and digest.  Glennis and lovely to hear from you.

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