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I woke with a cold!

Hi all

i woke up yesterday feeling absolutely dreadful,

My head is like cotton wool, my sinuses are full,

The pain in my ears ,confirm my worst fears,

that my tonsils are red,white spots on the tonsil bed

My temperatue is high,all i want to do is cry,

crawl down the stairs; oh i feel noboody cares

I need a drink -quick think; think,

Some honey and lemon, with a tot of whisky put in

will ease all my ills, much better than my pills.

settle into a chair , with blanket and tissues near

Oh I feel better already, so i'll put on the telly.

and just remain here all day!

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Another poet, hope that you feel better


Thanks honey - i don't know where it came from !

Take care x


hope you feel better - some days are just made for tv and duvet! :-)


i hope you feel better soon. get plenty of rest and keep warm


Thanks everybody

- Anybody got any tips about healing a very rare nose!!!


sorry to hear you feel like ....... Hope it soon goes,


Get well soon x


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