I woke up depressed

I woke up depressed

Took me an age to get going. Felt too grim to go to church this morning. Didn't want to inflict myself on other folks.

Fed up with myself, I got dressed, put lead on the dog, and stuck some head phones on. I was listening to radio 2. I slouched miserably up the lane until I came to some fields.

I let the dog off ( he was like a champagne cork flying out the bottle!!). I watched as he had a mad moment racing through the vegetation. Oh, I cannot begin to tell you how deliriously happy he was! It wasn't for the first time that I thought 'we should all be like dogs.'

As I stood there watching the infectious fur ball, a bouncy piece of music came on the radio. I thought sod it, and started to dance, and sing at the top of my voice. Well I say dance, but it was more a stiff limbed limp, with lots of flaying of arms (not unlike a drowning person).

I limped, flayed, and sang all the way home; much to the delight of my dog, and the consternation of passers by. However, one of the few bonuses of getting older, is the not giving a flying ferret!

I feel much better now😳😄


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15 Replies

  • Aw thank goodness . You dealt with that very well , I would probably had a quivering wreck day lol!

  • Well, I still feel like Victor Meldrew, but I'm OK. The mornings are always hellish. It's like rebooting my brain!

  • Quite a few of us know THAT feeeling!

  • Glad to hear it darling.xxxx

  • Love it😊

  • Gorgeous dog!

  • My dog is the best medicine I could possibly have. When I'm struggling a waggy tail, cuddle and a bit of fuss helps me re-focus.

    Walking her every day helps my mobility - it's easy not to do things when you ache, but she makes me push myself which helps. I am so much fitter because if her.

    I'm sure she knows when I'm struggling and I feel I'm never alone in my struggles.

    Apart from that - getting out, lots of fresh air and chatting with other dog owners raises the spirits.

  • Dogs are great. Though to be fair I didn't think that last night when mine roared through a bramble bush...with me on the other end of lead! Gunshot!! It's pheasant time and Elmer Fudd is out a shooting more than wabbits!

    Collies are noise sensitive (mine has marbles on his head!). Other than that, he's fab.

  • Oh wow!!! What a positive post :) Thank you for sharing

  • I sooooo love your reply and i suspect we would all have loved the wild unbridled performance.....and i expect the dog was quite impressive too!

  • Well done

    Laughter is the best medicine I have found. The trick is to remember, while in the darkness. We are made of light.

  • You have put a smile on my face, i had to stiffle a giggle, I'm reading your post while sitting on a hospital bed waiting for my first rituximab infusion. Thank you for that.

  • Aw, glad I made you giggle. Hope the infusion wasn't too hellish? Imagine it's gin, cider, Harvey wall banger....

  • WELL DONE on all fronts! Getting up, going out, making yourself feel better and above all not giving a flying ferret. How positive is that! I stick the finger up to RA and the people who really matter to me all understand that we only have a certain amount of energy in our tank. Keep it up!

  • I love "I limped, flayed, and sang all the way home" - Awesome visual!

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