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comes to terms with MTX

Hi ... i have finally started to feel better now my MTX has kicked in but what i think has done it also is when i first started on the MTX i panicked so much as you know with what side affects there are ... its not knowing which ones or if you would get any and feeling a bit ''''if i went to docs will i feel a fool for overreacting '''' and panicking when i even coughed lol ...or tutting at someone who sneezed near me .... i used to panick more at weekends coz i thought oh my god what if something happens and the docs is not open ... i was actually making myself feel ill through worry ... i think we all go through the same things in our minds ... its called being human .

just thought id share that with you's and thank you all for seeing me through my bad times

Debs xx

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Maria always looks at the "packet", I guess it is understandable. But if we spend too long on the side affects I guess we wouldn't take anything at all. We will move tables in a restaurant if someone is sneezing too much. Don't forget to take a little bottle of that antibacterial hand gel - ver handy if you want to have peace of mind when out shopping and snacking

Good to hear that the mtx is working for you - long may it continue.


Debs, i'm glad the mtx is now working for you. Just to prove to you how good it is,i've not been able to have my mtx for two weeks due to a chest infection. My hands and fingers started to ache a lot more than usual. It will be nearly three weeks when i take my mtx this evening so hopefully my fingers will start to recover again.

If it helps your ra you will want to take anything to ease the pain and as suuny says read the leaflet that comes with it. You can always ask on here anything your not sure of.

Last piece of advice for you. You die if you worry and you die if you don't.

my best wishes to you. Sylvi.xx


Reading the paperwork which comes with medications can be daunting to say the least.

My philosophy with any new meds. is:

I realise that I need to read the paperwork to see the 'possible' side effects.

But that is what they are, just 'possible' side effects - not everyone suffers from them so if not everyone suffers from them I cant see any reason why I should be the one that does get the rotten side effects.

When I started taking Mtx. I was working as a secretary on a construction site. Mixing with loads of people (and lots and lots of dust) and I did not seem to suffer any more colds or flu or viruses than anyone else.

Glad you are feeling better now after starting Mtx. and hopefully that continues for you.

Judi xxxx


Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but sadly as others have said we have to read the instructions and possible side effects paper.

It's always worth baring in mind every single adverse reaction during trials have to be listed and the reality is not everyone will have these side effects.

Sometimes it's a psychological problem, we read to much into things and make ourselves ill with worry.

Good luck hope MTX continues to be of benefit to you.

Beth xx


Its interesting because my pharmacy don't give side effects out with prescription drugs - they just assume the doctor has told us stuff first and just hand it over. I was given Sulphasalizine with no awareness that it came with possible side effects - and had asked my GP and he just shrugged and said "you should be fine". The only indication I had that there might be adverse reactions were when my GP friend said "i hope you don't suffer side-effects" and then I looked it up online. Even then I didn't really think that the swollen neck and then ear and finally an all body rash related to the drug I was taking although I later realised it was when I stopped taking it and improved rapidly.

I only know about MTX because I've been on here a lot and have googled it and was given a pamphlet by the rheumy at my last apt. I think there's a lot to be said for just taking the stuff that our doctors recommend and then telling them when things are not working out or something worrying is happening. I got in such a stooshie about taking MTX and none of it has been borne out.. yet! I mean either we should take a principled stand and reject all these drugs or trust our doctors to have our best interests at heart. So glad you are feeling the benefit of MTX now too Debs. TTx


lovely to hear Debs, how long has it been now since you started? not long if I remember...

Like Maria,I also carry a small antibacterial hand gel with me

I'm sure we're all nodding in agreement with your blog :) x


Well done Debs.. remember the side effects as people say are" potential side effects" and people may or not experience them.

Any pharmacy that does not give patient information leaflets/ counselling with our potentially dangerous drugs especially MTX is neglient and failing in its duty of care.!!


ive only just taken my 6th week Wiliby ...

i will go and get my hand gel tomoroz

thanks all xx


wow, 6 weeks, surely you'll improve further yet, I saw your reply on Cathy's blog re-gel :) I thought I might irritate my boss next week and ask him to put up the wall mounted ones around our dept, haha that'll really make him happy! xx


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