Having infliximab inf with chest infection?

I am due to have my 4th infliximab infusion on Monday. However, I am off work today with a nasty cough, sore throat and what feels like a chest infection coming on? I seem to remember when the rheumy nurse explained the anti-tnf programme that these infections should be seen by the gp as they can develop into something much more serious. Is that right? Also, should I be going for the infusion on Monday? I have 'brain-fog' at the moment and can't remember what I was originally told to do......

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  • Yes , you are right, as soon as you get any illness you contact your GP or someone in the Practice. As to whether or not you should have your next infusion, I would contact the hospital to get advice.

    Take care. xx

  • I have just started Enbrel and have been told to see a doctor immediately if I think I have got any infection at all. My nurse specialist also said that if I am told that there is no appointments available that day to ask for my medical records to be shown to the on call doctor at the surgery, making sure that I say that I am on anti tnf's and I think I have got an infection, she then said that I will definitely get a call back with an appointment for that day.

    She also said that normally a five day course is given for infections but if we are on anti tnf's we need twice the dose (10 days). By coincidence I have been to see my dentist this morning go a niggle in my tooth, had it xray, nothings shown up but because I am taking immunosuppressants (hope I've spelt that right) he's given me a prescription for some antibiotics, I have spoken to my nurse specialist to see if they are OK to take with MTX (they are), but she told me if I do need to take them I must not take my Enbrel.

    But like Georje said, it is best to check with your hospital.



  • As above. Important to check with GP first, but also alert rheumatologist (or the infusion centre) if you have any signs of something that could be an infection, as it could rapidly go out of control if not treated.

  • Hi I have been on Infliximab for 18months if you have an infection or feel unwell they advise you to call th Rheumy nurse and they have all ways delayed the infusion till I am fit and well

  • Hello,

    The thing with biologics is that they can mask the symptoms of infection, and I agree with the others that you should contact your GP or rheum nurse for advice sooner rather than later if you are unwell to check whether you need antibiotics.

    I am sure they won't give your infusion if there is any chance you have an infection. I was on Infliximab for 5 years and, on numerous occasions people turned up and were sent away again and I was told by the rhuem nurse that I must mention ANYTHING out of the ordinary before the infusion - even if I felt absolutely fine. The risk just isn't worth it.

    Hope you feel better soon so that you can have your next infusion.

    Tilly x

  • I'm on my 70th infusion of infliximab. They wont give it to you if you have an infection I'm sure. That's why you have a blood test, and sometimes they ask you for a urine sample to check for infection. Also they usually take my temperature etc.

    Its probably best to cancel after seeing your GP but make sure that you get another appointment lined up. I hope infliximab is helping you as much as it is me!


  • Thank you all for your replies. I'm feeling much better today so will wait until Monday morning to see how things are. Cathie, I see you are on your 70th infusion!! Wow. I always wondered how long you had to have these infusions, whether they were a long-term treatment. I guess if it works for you then you keep on with it. At the moment, infliximab has been brilliant for me - long may it continue!

  • I've been having infliximab now for 10 years, and it's still doing some good - going for my next one this tuesday. I dread to think how I would be without having it! x

  • Hi Guys!

    Infliximab postponed until I'm feeling better. Just got back from the doctor - throat infection, possible chest infection and swollen glands plus high blood pressure reading! Was given anti-biotics even though it might be viral rather than bacterial because 'of who I am' - famous at last!! Off school until Monday at the earliest as 'catching anything else of top of this lot will put me in hospital' ! I don't know how doc thought I was going to struggle into school feeling like this but anyhow, I'm going back to bed!

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