I am 52 yrs old,,,was diagnosed with RA in 1994.I have not been in remission in over 10years now,have constant pain 24-7.Realy getting scared now as I can feel this disease really messing me up..Have been on every DMARD available,,,rheumy wants me to take the Biologics but i have refused. i have 9 grandchildren that get sick and I have to be around them they are my life.He told me that taking the Bios that I would have to be careful about being around anyone that was sick so that ruled that out as I have the GC...Anyway the seasons play a big part in mylife. I use to love the fall and winter months up to last year! Its beginning to get colder and I am in such pain and its not even winter yet:(Anyway I just wanted to share a few things, get it off my chest i guess lol..I love gardening and working in my yard, now its getting cold so i don't know???Anyway hope your all doing ok? Have a great day........

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  • Cathy,its not much fun is it. I like my garden,but i find it difficult to do. I do a bit and then have to stop as i've overdone it. I cut the grass today and haven't been able to do anything since. I don't like the winter as i suffer with sad and i've got depression on top of everything else, and fibromyalgia to add to the list. The last i haven't yet got sorted or settled down,i have trouble deciding which is causing the pain,ra or fibro.

    Take care Sylvia.xx

  • Yeah i can relate.i also have Fibro & Osteoarthritis,I take Cymbalta for depression and Fibro pain..i love to work in my yard so much and like you i always over do it and suffer later.It sucks as i love to do so many things that the past couple of years has caused me not to be able to do:(..Now my hubby is experencing Severe pain in his back and knees,,that hurts me more than my pain I think to see him in pain too:( I told him its not fair this is for the older years of our lives.But the grandbabies are my life, they keep me KEEPING ON!!!:) I hope you have a painfree or rather a painless day,,thanks for repling...

  • Its a pleasure to answer you,i've the oa as well i don't think of that so much as there is so much pain. I had a knee replacement 2yrs ago and last year same knee had to have the ligaments stitched back as well. The knee is still very swollen and no one can tell me why,i know its not right as i feel it wobbles(don't know how to explain my knee) i have no grandchildren as my two don't seem interested. My son is working on the cruise ships in the caribean he has been gone six weeks and won't be back until march. My daughter has to pass a fitness test then she will be going into the army all being well. I miss my son god knows what i'm going to be like when she goes.

    My hubby is 12yrs older than me and i always expected to look after him not the other way round. At 68 next saturday he's fitter than me. One thing i do know without him i wouldn't be able to cope.

    Look forward to hearing more from you.


  • Yes i know the feeling.My hubby is a God send.We have been married for 33 yrs.have 4 beautiful daughters.I know what ya mean about the pain, I was just looking outside, looks like it might rain and God knows we need it but it just nearly puts me in the bed:(..So U had a knee replacement?they mentioned that to me and I am scared too death. Is it really painful?i hope your knee gets better. I tell ya when your knees or back hurts ya just hurt all over!Thats awesome that your son is on a cruise ship, and your daughter bless her heart going into the army!I know it will be hard when she leaves. My daugheter and her family moved to Arkansas for 4 yrs and I was so devastated, they now live in Phoenix so thats not too far from us now.How long have you had RA?And what meds do you take for it? I was on Arava but was making my hair come out so i stopped it on my own,,I have thin hair as it is so can't afford to lose any haha....Well I am so glad we can be friends and vent with each other haha.My email address is dallyspot85@hotmail if you ever want to write and it not be on here....Do you have a Facebook? Well need to get some tea,,have a great day my friend,,,,,Cathy:)

  • I'm on facebook, sylvia reynolds. my email is sylviareynolds@hotmail.com My knee has not been good,but i have heard good results from other people,just that is not in my case. Will try to email you i might have to get my daughter to help me if i don't get it right. Have a good day. sylvia.xx

  • I will send you a friend request for Facebook and we can be friends..Thank God i have found someone that understands what i am feeling in my joints:( Hope your feeling better tonight? i am up, its 2:48 am fixing to have some coffee...lol

  • I also am on face book under diana miller seaman Ohio. I have RA for many years and I am now 58 years old. I take methotrexate and is sick the whole day after taking it. I have very thin hair and want it short as seems to fall out by the handfuls now. I take a prescribed frolic acid and Nabumetone and Enbrel.

  • The anti tnf could be a god send for you pain wise?.. have a careful look into to it before you make a final decision it could potentially improve your life.

    A lot of other standard ra medication such as methotrexate and azathioprine can lower your immune system also but the ant nf can in some people greatly improve their condition.. it was my dream to get some If I could get the chance.

    Good luck whatever you decide

    Alison x

  • Hi Summer,thanks for the reply.So whats anti tnf? I have never heard of that?????If it could help me please inform me...??? Thank you,,,,Cathy

  • Anti TNF are RA drugs, prescribed by a rheumatologist. They are usually prescribed in severe cases of RA when DMARD'S don't work. They're not a miracle cure, please be aware x

  • Oh is it the Biologics?????

  • Hi Cathy,

    I understand your hesitation to a biologic drug,I worked in retail and I was always washing my hands, afraid of getting sick. I have tried anti tnf...Its the way the medicine works, like Enbrel, Humera, I believe remicade as well. I would encourage you to try something different. I have tried all the ones I mentioned plus Orencia, I am now on Cimzia, which is a shot twice a month. The remicade was wonderful, but I had a severe allergic reaction to it. That med is an infusion. I have never had a problem getting sick, and I do have a son in school, so I am exposed to kids. As long as your careful, its worth it for the pain and the fatigue.

    I feel the seasons changing and I am definetly in more pain...I use to love fall too! Now it reminds me that winter is on the way....yuk! The one thing that helps me the most is swimming and hot water therapy. Its better then any drug ;)

    Take care

  • Thx for your reply.Yes I agree with you on the biologics...I have such a fear of these medications, i wonder sometimes which is worse the meds or the disease? lol...I am hoping i will find one that works well....they all seem to make my hair fall out and my hair is thin as it is so i don't need to lose any lol...I hope the Cimzia works for you..thanks for the info....Take care and God Bless.


  • Hi Cathy, I do urge you to try the biologics. They have made such a difference to so many of us. I am on Enbrel injection by medipen once a week which is a doddle and feel so much better on it. Are you on Methotrexate as well? That can cause some side effects mainly nausea and sickness if taking the tablets but the injections are much better and easy to do yourself once shown how.

    Hope things improve soon. LavendarLady x

  • Thx for the info on the Bio's,,I am thinking long and hard about it cause I am really getting in alot of pain and I must have some relief..Hope your feeling better as well. have a great day!

  • Hi Cathy,

    I've been on Enbrel for 12 weeks now and my life has changed dramatically for the better, 90% better, I even joined a gym today!!!! (oh my) I have children also and fingers crossed only a couple of colds, I was terrified at first taking a new drug but I'm so very glad and thankful that I was given the opportunity. Not easy to decide but wanted to throw my pennies worth :)

  • Hi my is Diana and I live in southern Ohio. I was diagnosis with RA back in my 20' s I am now 58 years old. I have been on methotrexate , 6 tablets every Monday of 2.5 size I also take a prescribed frolic acid every day. I have been on and arthritis drug also for many years. but within the last 2 years i have had a fare up that has not left. My bones break easy. I have 6 grandchildren whom are my joy and life. I do not know the answer to how to stop the pain but have come to accept it as a part of my life. I take my meds and shots and live as normal life as I can. I have been humbled in my life but stay near our LORD. Thank you and I hope you feel better.

  • Hi Diana

    Thanks for the reply. Yes i know what you mean.. I have 9 grandchildren and they are my life. They were here today and they make my life so much brighter!!!I have been in some pain today, the weather is changeing and its getting cooler, so my ole joints are talking back at me haha...I agree the Lord is my only hope without him i would be no where. i hope your having a pain free day sweety and hope to hear back from you...Have a blessed day and God Bless........Cathy Smith:)

  • Hi Diana. Worried to see your comment that your bones break easily. Have you been tested for Osteoporosis at all in the last 2 years? May be worth a chat with your doctor about that. Steroids can also contribute to brittle bones. I have had two bone scans in the last 3 years just to make sure everything was ok although my doctor still worries about it. But my bone scans were normal and the last one even showed a slight improvement.

    I think you should get that checked out.

    Welcome to the blog. Whereabouts in southern Ohio are you?

    My old flat mate came from Ohio but can't remember where now - too long ago - lol.

    Lavendarlady x

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