Anti tnf assessment due soon!!!

Hi All

Just wanted to say health wise my ra seems to be up & down, mostly down, so its clear that 20/25mg is no longer working as well as expected, I am experiencing alot of joint pain especially in my hands/fingers, knees and soles of my feet or ankles. I am either always stiff and sore or the joints ming, not to mention swollen (had to remove wedding ring again). So I am hoping that I have a bad day for my first anti tnf assessment on the 14th May.

Work has been a real struggle, but I am persevering. Hubby wrote his car off in a near head on collision wednesday wk, so is now driving my fiesta and moaning about it. He really misses his audi, but I am thankful he only suffered from minor back ache and swellings under his eyes.

My hands/fingers have limited me on how many blogs/questions I can respond to, so I am not ignoring anybody, but bare with me, as its uncomfortable at times. I do read all the blogs and questions so am keeping up to date with you all. Good to see your back Tin Women & LL neither of you have not blogged for a while.

Take care all and I am thinking of you all. Keep warm, as to me its almost like winter.

Sci x

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Sci, i hope that your assessment goes well. I might be able to read how you got for a few days as i go into hospital on the 17th, so i hope it goes well for you.

I'm glad to your hubby is ok,it does shake you up when you have an accident. Was he involved with any other vehicle?

I had a bit of an accident this morning, but i wasn't in a car,i was in a charity shop would you believe. I saw a stool that would sit at the sink and i thought it would be good for the garden when i'm out there potting on my plants. Instead when i tried to sit on it and whoops i found myself on the floor. I was even with my hubby and he and another man helped me up. I felt such a fool and i was so embarressed i can tell you.

TAke care sci and i hope that all goes well for you on the 14th.




Yes on a roundabout, the car that hit was going to fast and trying to beat him.

Hope you have recovered from your stool incident. How long will you be in hospital for?

Best wishes for that, I will hopefully be able to write more nearer the time

Sci x


I have a very sore arm and a lovely big bruise coming. My right is really suffering today. I can't stand on it very long. It is upsetting me this morning as i get very frustrated when i can't do anything in my garden. I have to say i've had a bit of a cry on my hubbys shoulder when he got home from the allotment.

Hope you have a lovely afternoon and its only 12 days to go and then it should be over.

love sylvi.xx


Isn't it awful the way we have to pray for a bad day when we need help! I was the same last week before my rheumy appt, cursing when I woke up able to move my fingers because I wanted them to be stiff and painful when checked. Luckily/unluckily they were on there puffy worst behaviour and saved the day. It's horrible having to remove your wedding band, we could all do with having several in assorted sizes. I hope your husband is ok, will his insurance sort a new car out for him or can it be repaired?

Paula x


Hi Paula

Yes it is ridiculous that I have to allow myself to get this bad in order to pass the test. I am also on 5mg of steroid, which is basically very little in masking the symptoms. I plan to come of the steroids during the summer hols as they (rheumy team), are nagging now.

Plan to blog on how I get on after the assessment at some point, so watch this space.

Yes hubby has insureance - he was fully comp, but is slow to send of all details as he is till mourning the loss of the audi - bless him.

Good luck with the mtx

Sci x


Oh dear that must have shocked your husband and it could have been so much worse - think that always goes turning about in the mind afterwards. My OH would be gutted if he wrote his audi off - it's an old one but it was his 50th present and he adores it - even gets in a stew if there's a bird poo on it!

Good luck with the anti-tnf Sci - you really do deserve it and I hope you pass with flying colours both times. Well done for keeping going with work etc - not so sure I'd have been so brave when my fingers were like that - I know you must have lots of writing to do etc. It's always lovely to see you but don't write too much ever until the pain is sorted - it's just good to know that you're around though. Will be thinking of you on the 14th May. Love Tilda xx


Hi T

How are you? I read from your blogs that you are having a time of it Hugs girl, and you are in my thoughts.

Hubby is in denial about the loss of the audi, hence he is really slow in sorting it out. Hes accepted a write of price, but as yet has not sent off all the documentation. He says most of it are in the car and he cannot bear to see the car as the whole front is crumpled up - hence a write of.

T, hands and arms hurt, as your my last response. Will pm you sometime. So hold tight.

Take care

Sci x


I am glad your hubby is ok. Good luck with your assessment for anti tnf. I've been on tnf treatment cimzia for a few weeks now and it really helps with the fatigue you feel having ra. It's still early days yet with this treatment and I find having to inject myself a bit difficult but I'm hopefull it will be worth it .


Thank goodness your husband was Ok, the shock of an accident like that can really knock you for six. Good luck for Anti TNF assessment - what does the assessment entail and who does the assessing?

Take care Wendy x


Hi Sci

Sorry to hear that your joint are bad, and hope you & OH are getting over shock of accident. Really hope the assessment goes well (or rather gets the right answer for you) & I'd be interested to hear how it goes too as I think that might be my next step as well as 3 DMARDS don't seem to be holding this in check at the moment. Maybe some dramatic skills are required too, to make sure you groan & moan in the right places even if you're having a good day? Pollyx


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