Bazzypants is grumpy .... nothing unusual there then lol

Hi guys feeling a bit bad today i am hot then cold and i have got this cough with a tickle and every time it starts I am getting pain that feels like its in my right lung maybe a pulled muscle me thinks my knees are feeling like I am a big fat ball trying to hold my self up. To top of my day my son didn't get his school place and my company are not going to pay me sick pay they say I don't do enough hours. They sent me a form like the yellow pages wanting to know what colour knickers I have on among the other million questions asked in it. By the time they find out my husband has an income they are going to say no anyway. Anyway think I may just hand in my notice at work now I am no way fit enough to return right now. xxxxxxxxxxx all vented out now thanks all xxxx

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  • Sorry your having such a bad day. Work can be a pain I was lucky got sick pay but then they ended my contract 9 months later, just as well really as there was no way I was fit to go back. Take care xx

  • Hi crazyjo, thanks for responding I think I am just going to give up the job I am no way fit enough either xxx

  • Might be an idea to check on your employment rights with CAB, or if you are in a union get their advice. And your husband's employment shouldn't affect your position.

    Good luck! M x

  • Hi Hatshepsut, don't belong to a union and I work for a private company they get away with a lot of things lol thanks for

  • Snap Bazzypants, me and my husband are having a bad day too, with the same symptoms. We both have high temperatures, shivery then boiling hot, painful chests and tickly coughs. I think it must be a bug going around because my husband picked it up at his dialysis clinic. So many of the patients and staff are suffering too.

    It's a shame for people like yourself of working age who struggle to hold onto a job because of on going symptoms. It must be a nightmare just battling to get to work on time and having the stamina to see you through each day.

    We also seem to live in an era bordering on "a nanny state" where our lives are put under scrutiny, having to supply no end of personal information to government departments etc etc. It's so frustrating and belittling at times.

    We're having a quiet Easter and hopefully we'll be on the mend by the end of it, and I hope you will feel better soon too. June xx

  • Hi petalnumber2, sorry to hear your both in the same boat, the cough is driving me mad any tips for the tickle ? I am going to give up the job working as a carer I feel some times I am worse than the clients I am caring for I just take lots of pain killers to get the jobs done. Iam going to try for PIP been thinking about it for a while xxx hope you both have a great easter and you get well soon as well as we can with what we have . xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi, the only thing we find works a bit for the tickle is to suck Strepsils (sore throats and cough lozengers) or Halls extra strong lozengers. Hope you're feeling a bit better today.

    Perhaps it's not a bad idea to try for PIP, I used to help run a day centre for the elderly, so I know how much energy is needed to keep going throughout each day, I'm not surprised that you have to live on painkillers. Good luck with your application. June xxx

  • Must be some bug going round at the moment. I've got the same symptoms - high temperature, tickly cough, extremely sore throat. Have tried everything to soothe my throat and cough but nothing works. Doctor has given me antibiotics as I have bronchiectasis so I will have to miss my medication ( Methotrexate ) this week.

  • Hi sender, its rotten this cough its driving me mad I am also supposed to take my humira injection today but I don't think I should. Just cant stop the itch, hope you feel better soon xxxxx

  • Hi Bazzypants, Temperature still up this morning ,still feeling rough and massive cold sore appeared. Have reluctantly decided to cancel our family Easter Sunday lunch (which I was cooking) as I just don't think I have got the energy to do it. Will miss seeing the grandchildren. Not happy!!!!

  • Hi there sender sorry your feeling no better, same here this blasted cough is driving me to distraction so much so that I have got a tummy ache where I have pulled my stomach lol. Sorry to hear that you will miss the grandchildren but sometimes this RA likes to mess with us. Rest there will be other days xxx

  • Hello sender, I took my methotrexate last Tuesday and this bug started the next day, but I have not had my Enbrel injection which was due yesterday (Thursday). I won't take either again until this bug has gone. My GP knows about it.

    Sorry to hear you are suffering too, I think the symptoms are a bit flu-like, what do you think ? June xx

  • Hi,

    Sorry you are feeling low and at the moment trying to juggle too many balls. It's amazing how just typing out your frustrations really helps and getting support from people who know how it feels.You helped me when I was low here is my hug to you.

  • Hi there patsy-57 thanks for your reply and yes it helps a great deal to know your not alone with this RA amongst other things. I am so very glad I helped you and I take great comfort in your kind words and hug xxx thank you xx

  • How lovely you all are :-) I agree, it's so good to be in touch and support each other. In my experience none of my friends or wider family members understand how RA messes with my life, so It's good to keep company with people like yourselves. June xx

  • Hi,

    I agree with you people who know us really don't have a clue how it affects our lives. It is good to keep in touch with others especially when you are having a bad day.


  • Hi to everyone who is suffering with this bug. It does feel very flu like and taking an age to feel any better. Going to have a quiet weekend and hope that everyone feels better by Monday. Jean x

  • Hi sender hope you are feeling a bit brighter today, still ache and still coughing xxx

  • Hi Bazzypants, I'm feeling a bit better today thanks. Temperature has gone down from yesterday but not back to normal yet. It feels more like a heavy cold than the flu now and thank goodness the cough has eased although still left with all the soreness and my chest still feels tight. Just read the post about Methotrexate and pneumonia which is a bit scary so am keeping an eye on it in view of my existing lung problem. How are you? Jeanx

  • Hi jean, glad your feeling a bit better today take care if your still feeling a bit unwell. Still haven't shaken of the cough I am afraid xx

  • Good morning, I feel a bit brighter today, but my hands are a bit more painful than usual and my Achilles tendons and leg muscles are more painful too. Surely it's a bit too soon to be feeling the results of no Enbrel injection this week ! I hope all of you have turned a corner and feeling a bit better today.

    Happy Easter everyone :-) June xx

  • Morning petalnumber2, Glad to hear your feeling brighter today wish I could say the same lol this cough is the pits the itch is terrible and I ache from coughing, like you I was due my humira injection on Friday but I haven't taken it either not a good idea incase of infection. Think I will feel better when this flea in my throat buggers off lol xxxx have a good day.

  • Hi Bazzypants, I spoke to soon yesterday morning ! I ended the day having to travel a few miles to see an emergency doctor, who prescribed some antibiotics. My temperature has been soaring, 68.3 at it's highest last night and not much better this morning. It's so painful to cough, if it's a flea in my throat I wish it would bugger off too lol. Hope you've turned a corner by today. June xxx

  • Hi petalnumber2, Oh dear June hope you will soon get better with those antibiotics that's horrible when you feel like that and that pain from coughing I know just what you mean. I am still coughing myself think that flea has moved its mates in still got the itch but the cough has broken thank the lord xxx Hope you have a better day today rest and take it easy xxxx

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