Does anyone run?

Hi, I'd really love to try running but I don't know if I'll manage it with ra. I've downloaded the NHS Couch to 5k which I understand starts you off very gently and I'm going to give it a go. I just wondered if anyone else on here runs or has anyone had to stop due to ra? My fingers, wrists and hands are mainly effected but I manage 2 x 40 minute walks a day, just hoping to up the pace. I'll listen to my body and stop i it hurts but any advice is welcome.

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  • Good luck Paula,

    I don't run, my feet would be very painful if I did.

    I think I have read blogs from people who still manage to run but that may have been in the NRAS forum rather than here.

    All the best though, look forward to seeing how you are getting on.

    Mary x

  • Thanks Mary, my feet hurt sometimes but they're ok right now, I worry more about my funky left hip. I may have one outing and decide it's too difficult but I've just got to try. When I see people out running I feel so jealous and wish it were me. x

  • i was a runner before RA, but my body won;t allow it now. I do in my dreams and i love it !! If you can do it without any set backs go for it. Again, soft surface and avoid hills. Good luck :)

  • I really would start very, very gently....and make sure you have proper shoes and run on a softer surface than pavement. And do full warm ups and so on, as running is very tough on your joints. The very thought of it makes me shudder...but my feet and knees are not exactly tip top! I can now walk for miles, but the whole concept of breaking into even a slow jog would be excruciating.... Good luck! Polly

  • Running is much higher impact exercise than walking (which is always good) so doesn't suit everyone. If you are keen to try it though, definitely go for it. As helix has said, proper shoes are an absolute must - they will be a lot more expensive, but incredibly worthwhile to get advice from a specialist running shoes place and not just buy something cheap. If it does end up aggravating feet, knees or hips then you can always go back to just walking - which if you do it long enough and fast enough can be incredibly good exercise anyway.

  • From me having key hole surgery on my knee last year, i was told that running was out of the question, The only exercise i was told i could do was Cycling and swimming and walking, Which i believe would of been the same for RA, But maybe i'm wrong.......Things do change so quick these days,I suppose it depends on if you have a personal trainer, who can monitor you regularly. But i think it is great if you fill you can cope X

  • Thanks all, I've taken all your advice on board and I'll take it very gently. Working on my fitness has been my coping mechanism since getting ra and even if I only manage a small run I'll be proud to have tried. To achieve 5k would be amazing but I'd be happy to manage a couple of hundred yards lol. Thanks again

    Paula x

  • Hi guys, I used to run 5k regularly until I got RA , I then found it very painful and had to stop all exercise, I have been on meds since May this year and in August I felt we'll enough to start up my exercise again, slowly but surely I built up my plan of exercise but how ever much I try I cannot run anymore, I can do short bursts of jogging but I cannot sustain a run. So i adapt my exercise to what suits me and manage 30 minutes of low impact aerobics which keeps me sane and helps keep me mobile!!! Hope this helps, after all we are all different and the only thing I suggest you do is try it and see what happens!!! Good luck!!

  • Hi topcat, I've been on meds since May too so I'm still finding out what my new less improved ra body is capable of. It's great that you've been able to get back to exercising and 30 mins of aerobics is wonderful. I've just been out on my first "run" and although it was hard I really enjoyed it. You follow a personal trainer via an ipod and get guided the whole time. For the first week it's just jogging in 60 second bursts with 90 second fast walks in between. I'm waiting now to see how my body reacts so fingers crossed.

    Paula x

  • Hi Paula

    I was diagnosed in August 2008 and did my 2nd and last marathon in April 2007. Between April 2007 and May 2008 I continued to run but I got slower and slower and it became harder and harder. I was suffering greatly with pain in my knees ( and this was with me wearing expensive running shoes). It was with enormous regret that I stopped running as the impact on my knees and my spine became worse and worse. Since then I have had no probs with my knees!

    If you want to start running I would discuss it with the rheumatologist who will take into consideration the condition of your joints and spine. One thing to consider is that although running off road (on grassy areas) feels more strenuous it is less impact on the joints. Another thought, have you considered cycling, less impact on the joints. As Polly said warm ups are important but just as important are warm downs.

    Good luck in your plight to get fit.

    Wendy x

  • Hi, yes I stil run. Well I play football once a week. Had a form of arthritis for 4 years now and just been diagnosed with RA in the last 6 weeks. Sometimes I get knee pains whilst I'm playing an I have to sit out for 10 mins or go in goal, then I'm ok to carry on again.

    I found road running very difficult but treadmills and grass are ok for me

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