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Does anyone else have a problem with sweaty head?

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This sounds so charming doesn't it but I have a real problem in regulating my temperature and perspire loads from my head but nowhere else. I really hate it, it is not an attractive look at all and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

I initially put it down to early menopause but can't still be the case. I was also on a lot of steroids at the time and since then on a lovely cocktail of injections and anti-inflammatories. I'm also overweight and unfit which could be the cause but really, this is getting too much now and I'm beginning to wonder whether it is related to RA or the drugs.

Does anyone else have this? Any advice would be fantastic.

Judy xx

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hi, Judy i,too sweat to the extent my hair looks like I have just had a shower, quite horrid & embarressing. I am on steriods which does not help. I have inflammatory Arthritis which is not under control which adds to the problem. Do share this with your Docs. I have been told it can be controlled, hope this is true. All I can do is send my love & symphathy. Hope you get some good advice. Love Alison xx

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Yes I do,,,what a pain! Also my hair has thinned quite a lot. (Methotrexate) I had really short hair, but have grown it. This helps as it doesn't look so bad when I sweat.

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I think it is the meds by the way!

The best thing to help 'a sweaty head' is a Chillo. I bought one on line and although it doesn't solve the problem, it makes it more bearable. It has been a life saver because I can now sleep. Good luck

Oh My...I a. M drenched most of the time. I have to wash my hair and sheet and pillow cases most mornings. It's horrendous...I've cut up a towel I to strips and wear it round my forehead to stop the sweat going in my eyes. I've spoken to the docs about it ( they could see it just running off me!) they don't think it's the drugs..I do have to say, I've just had a rest from the meds and the sweating became perhaps it's the R\A. They are doing other tests on me now to see if they can find out what's going on...I also vomit a lot. The wired thing is my soaking all over and clammy until you get to my knees then I'm freezing feet are so cold I have a hot water bottle on them most times. But you are right it is not a pleasant look..let's hope I don't bump into one of my screen heart throbs when I'm looking like an oily rag!!!!! Also hair smells so horrible when like this. Maryx

I have, what is jokingly referred to as 'hot flushes'. Which is def. not menopause as I'm a bloke! I believe it is something to do with RA or the drugs. No one seems to know.

Mine is deffinately caused by the steroids. Higher the dosage the worse the sweating gets.

Most of the medication that I take for RA seem to have sweating mentioned somewhere, but I find that it's worse when I'm falring, so may be something to do with the inflammatory response as well. Can't win.

I just have a hair style that doesn't mind getting soaking wet, even when I'm not active.

Ye I always get it when my body is inflamed and is one of the first signs of a flare coming on for me!

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Thanks guys. I'm glad to know I'm not alone but wish I knew what to do about it. I have to wear a headband in the summer which I fear makes me look a little like Jackie Stallone. Besides, a sweatband implies sporting activity which definitely is not happening in my case.

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I'm so glad you asked this question, I thought it was just me! Try a cotton head scarf in a sort of 60s Grace Kelly style (though in reality I may actually look more Hell's Angel than glamorous sixties icon!) I made the mistake of having my hair cut short which means I'm constantly soaked and feel very clammy and cold on my (arthritic) neck. On a positive point for you, losing weight didn't help me at all ;)

hi sweat n thru my head and face as well its awful my hands and feet are the same even in winter i can sweat i bought a cool gel pad off ebay cheaper than a chillow as well its a pet one u dont need to put water in it u can get for bout £ 8 pound , i also bought a pillow with gel stuff on top of a pillow from tj hughes that heaven , i went drs once they told be my inner thermostat was just lower than other ppl so cant tolerate the heat what a load of croc been like it most of my life i got diagnosed with ra 18 years ago now im 48 and on the change grrrr

Judy, I've just seen my Prof and asked him about the sweaty head thing. He says it's linked to my recent sleep problems. I can't remember the technical term he used and I don't know if you have problems sleeping too, but I got the impression that in my case the sweating was connected to the vicious circle of RA interrupting my sleep and then flaring because of interrupted sleep, the sweaty head being part and parcel of my whole system being confused. Hope this helps.

I, too, am suffering from uncontrollable episodes of sweating that starts with flushing of my neck and face and then, within seconds, my scalp, face, neck are dripping with perspiration. Forget keeping my minimal makeup and hairstyle looking acceptable! Forget hugs from friends and family! It is not hormone-related. Over the last 5 years of having this problem-Been on small daily dose of Prednisone, on Celebrex and Flector patch - for inflammatory arthritis. Just started Cimzia (and now very light-headed also).

Wondering about the cause of these sweating episodes - to see if they can be reduced/prevented.

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