Does anyone experience strange smells?

Hi, I've been smelling smelly smells for a couple of months now. I assumed that it was a temporary side effect from one of my cocktail of meds but now I'm a bit worried it's here to stay. It smells a bit like old smoke. Someone on an American RA forum said the same thing (smokey smell) so I wondered if anyone on here has experienced it.


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  • hi...thought it was just me always checking things to make sure nothing is smouldering....really annoying x

  • Hello BOB here

    It is important that you explain to GP what is happening here it is one of the first signs of stroke, I think ??.

    Although I am not a Doctor so not qualified to diagnose this.

    Good luck


  • Hello BOB here

    If it has been going on for quite a while, please see the GP ASAP


  • Hello my friend who was on mtx said he smelt things more strongly if that makes sense. I've not had this though. Get with gp/rheum etc x

  • I agree with the others, it could be also a maybe sinus problem. I tend to get upper respiratory infections with my meds and o get strange smells. I have had to get antibiotics for this, so maybe worth a GP check?

    Let us know if u find out cos it's an interesting post!!

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