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Hi All

Had a great half term wk, really busy - out every day, went to see Skyfall, visited family in the north. Was a bit naughty as I did not pace and as a consequence I've paid for it this wk, by feeling extremely tired and could not go into work on friday, as my knees, left shoulder and wrists were achey until the afternoon.

My feet swelled up the next day after spending 4 hrs in the car travelling to Leeds. The following day I planned to visit a hotter shop to purchase some shoes. Well my feet, ankle & wrist were swollen, no pain just swelling. It made buying shoes more difficult, but I managed to get some ankle boots, that would accomodate future swelling and really thick sock/tights as I had to go up a half a size!

The winter is having an effect on joints. Did not know what to expect really as I assumed that being on anti tnf, might mean I was immune to my extreme weather triggers. Well the up shot is that is I am not. I feel the cold and damp. My joints have ranged from being sore to dull ache. I haven't had the minging pain of last year, but I still feel the affects. I suppose I should be grateful and I am, but it does mean I have to do more planning & watch the weather reports etc.

Got an awful blood test next wk - errrrrrrr. I am glad I am now on 3 monthly bloods as now they don't dominate my life, but having to go so long means I have lost a bit of my nerve. 2 wks after that I have my first anti tnf assessment at the end of the month. I am hoping that everything goes ok with blood and the assessment. Whilst I know I won't be in remission, I am hoping for a less active disease score. I will keep you updated.

Haven't blogged much as I've been busy with work & nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Hope you are all well and a special hello to new members.

Take care wrap up warm,

Joanne x

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hi joanne

when you say your first anti tnf assessment , is this to start anti tnf treatment,, or have you already started , so its a follow up ??

ive taken a first assessment , ages ago , not heard anything back yet ,, seems along time ago now .. not really sure whats going on .. i know i need to take a second assessment at some point ..

i agree the weather does make things abit worse ,, but i think i will give wearing tights a miss . :(

hope abit of rest , does the trick ...

keep warm too

andy x


Yes Andy my first assessment since starting anti tnf (cimzia).

Men can wear tights too under their trousers. I regularly wear tightls like that :D But if you not convinced - I can understand as my boys wouldn't wear them also (just jesting with you)!

Of course your right resting & pacing helps immensley. To that end I'm trying my up most not to over do it, as I plan to go backt to work Monday.

Cheers Joanne x


i know its still early stages of your anti tnf n still not being seen for your first assessment , to see how things are going yet ,, but how do you feel joanne ? do you feel its working .. ?

andy x


Phone them Andy, you should have heard something from them and have a follow up date, don't let it get lost in the NHS fog! Axx


Joanne, lovely to hear your reseable well. Like you my joints play up with weather and to make matters worse i am off steroids as well. I have been to bell green for a parade. I sat in my chair and took photos. Wasn't worth much else at the moment. Got a proms night tonight in bedworth and rememberence parede in nuneaton tomorrow. You take care now Joanne. Love sylvi. xxx



Been of steroids now about 2 months and I think I've lost some weight. Well I I think I look a bit slimmer, but confess it could be wishful thinking!

Apart from Bonfire, it's quiet here to! We had family over nite, last nite, so hubby's & I have been busy entertaining, so they've gone now and I'm trying to chill and rest.

I hate the winter still. I never use to, but it's since I have gotten ra, I don't think that will change!!!

Take care Jx


Hi Jo it's good to hear you feeling about better after your horrid time last year. Keep well and wrapped up warm sweetie Axx


Cheers hun :D


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