3.30 today, appointment with my RA consultant

..and I have never before been so pleased that the 3 week flare up of my hands is still with me.. just hoping that it will not clear throughout the day .. I would cross fingers, if I could. Anyway, thanks to stuff I have learnt from this site, I have questions to ask, and pictures to show... I am hoping for an Anti TNF ... but won't hold my breath

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  • Good luck lab-lover I know exactly what you mean about wanting your flare up to stay, I pray for a flare up every time I go to my rheumy just so they can see all the inflammation etc. Don't let them fob you off, if none of the DMARDS have worked then fight for your right to get onto anti-TNF. That's what I had to do.

    I shall be praying for a good result & hope you get onto anti-TNF.

    Big hugs & stay strong. X

  • Thanks Luthien, I have actually had enbrel, earlier this year, they said it wasn't working as it should, so tried me on Sulfalazine..which made me ill, so I am just on MXT, (which I have always been on since diagnosed 3 yrs ago)

    Pam x

  • I'm trying Enbrel in the New Year, had a go at Cimzia which didn't work. Used to be on Sulfa....this eventually failed hence now on anti-TNF's.

    Hope whatever they offer you next will be "the one". xx

  • Good luck! :) x

  • Thank you Kitty x

  • Good Luck - I am hoping mine stays around until my appointment on Thursday it really would be helpful if they can see what its like when it flares

    Jen x

  • Thanks Jen... I have had no painkillers today...far to painful, we should not have to make ourselves suffer, to 'prove' we are in such pain. Goof luck for Thurs

    Pam x

  • Hello BOB here,

    You are like me, seems to clear for a time when seeing the Specialist, mine now beginning to hurt because of cold weather

    Good Luck


  • thanks, Bob. Ugh to cold weather, I am cold, even indoors (but I only have oil C/H, and it costs a fortune...


  • Good luck remember you can have mtx PLUS a biological, eg after Enbrel I got Humira, obviously not prescribing , just telling you what happened to me, it's in the NICE guidelines so , they are another string to your tightly fired bow today with the rest of your evidence lol. And remember u r in pain, tell him, when he says how are you, don't say good thanks, they r not mind readers, it's ok to tell them u feel rubbish, don be brave for once.

    Lots of love and don't leave till you are happy, they won't throw you out, well not often lol!

    Good luck and let us know what he says. axxx

  • Thanks Allanah, Just changed into easy on/off clothes, ready to leave shortly.. I am very teary today, so it won't take much for the consult to set me off, lol xxx

  • Good bawl ur eyes out lol, it worked for me ha ha hah xx

  • Hope it goes well.

    Dotty xx

  • Hi Lab-Lover, I done the same I bawled my eyes out non-stop till Fran let me out to the pub, Naw only joking good luck for today tear in the eye all the time tissue or hankie in the hand always, Matt/Fran

  • Sorry did not relies the time, late as usual, Matt

  • Thinking of you and hoping for a good outcome. xx

  • Hope all went well for you let us know how you got on xx

  • Good result everyone ..... I have done a new post...ps, I did burst into tears, when the das score was being done, lol

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