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First Video Rheumy Appointment on Monday


I haven't seen the Rheumatologist since last year, so I am probably due for a consult. I have a 1.5 hour drive to attend the Rheumy clinic, so if the video appointment works, it will be a relief.

How do they do a DAS though, taking my word for 'I don't have any joint tenderness or swelling' probably isn't the best thing. Usually, when the Doc does her assessment of my joints, I discover that I have a lot more than I am willing to admit. When I say "well its a bit puffy around my ankle", she adds it to the list, while I think "but its ok". Are you stiff in the mornings? "No, not really" How long after you get up are you ready to face the day? "Oh, well a couple of hours, I have coffee and a nice hot shower, can't really face much before then".... What about Fatigue? "Well, not really, but I am struggling a bit with motivation and seem to need naps..." Generally, if compared to the best of health and wellbeing, on a scale of 1-100, how are you? Umm... this one gets me..... hahahaha.

So I wonder....

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Exactly! I had an email last week telling me that my rheumatology nurse appointment on 1st December (booked last December ) will now be via telephone and my first thoughts were “ how will she see if my joints are swollen and how will she feel my joints down the telephone?” It’s going to be a complete waste of time. Irrespective of the fact that I’ve waited 9 weeks so far for a steroid injection for a flare and I’ve still got to wait another 3 weeks (that’s if they don’t cancel the appointment as they did the last one.)

Sounds like me!

Perhaps the first question on the DAS checklist should be - do you always say you’re ‘fine’ whether you are or not?


bpeal1 in reply to janmary


My previous rheumatologist would always ask “How are you?“ and I’d always reply “Fine, thank you”. Then she’d say “Now tell me how you really are!”

Oh photos are good you can email them . I have a DAS app that I use on my worst days. This a handy way to keep track. I have levels of fatigue.Poleaxed , slow to get going and any activity that renders me useless the rest of the day ( need naps with these).. 1-100 scale well how much percentage of the person was I before RA is what I base it on I’m currently about15% on a good day 0% on a bad . That’s my scale

Lol😂. Hard, but dont be brave, complain!! Maybe its the best chance for people to listen to you actually say it as it is lol !!

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