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3 months after toe fusion and shortening op


Thanks to those of you that replied when I asked for your experiences.

I had the op just before Christmas and spent 2 weeks with it raised and doing very little walking.

After that I started increasing the amount of walking I was doing. I had to wear an orthopaedic wedge shoe that kept my weight on the heel. I was able to go back into normal shoes after 6 weeks, although because of the swelling I had to go up a couple of sizes!!

The swelling is going down and I can get into some shoes that I couldn't a while back.

I saw a Bowen therapist to put me straight again having spent all that time walking unevenly I needed it. She also released the tightness in my ankle.

Because I'd spent years walking incorrectly on that foot, the side of my foot and ankle are the main problem as they get used to being used properly again so I'm wearing a tubigrip support on my ankle at the minute.

But all in all the operation went well and I'm pleased I had it done.

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Glad your getting better, glad the op went well xx

Good news and i am happy your on the mend.xxx

Congratulations on getting through it and hoe you are completely recovers now x

Hector in reply to allanah

Thanks for that, it wasn't too bad really. The hardest bit was doing nothing for 2 weeks!!

allanah in reply to Hector

I can manage doing nothing for much longer lol😂

Hector in reply to allanah

Sitting doing nothing is hard for me, which with RA we have to do it 😉

allanah in reply to Hector

I'm just lazy!!

Hector in reply to allanah


Good to hear you're still doing well :)

I'm having the same surgery, hopefully next week - provided there is a bed!!! I had my other foot done about 9 years a go.

Hector in reply to PaulineS

Hope all goes well for you, and there's a bed for you. I had mine done in the day unit so a bed wasn't an issue for me.

PaulineS in reply to Hector

Unfortunately I have other health issues so may have to stay overnight, I'd rather come home!!

Hector in reply to PaulineS

You're right it's always better to be home. I hope all goes well for you.

I took arnica 200 for 4 days before my op and for 2 weeks afterward, I'm sure it helped with the swelling and pain. I was off the painkillers after 48 hours.

Hi there, just read your post, how are you doing, I came out of hospital Saturday with a similar operation, I had 6 toes shortened, 2 bunions removed and 2 more X neuroma removed, both feet are bandaged up and I have the snazzy sandles to walk on too, which I find amazing! Although they don't look pretty!! My question to you is how long before you were walking without the shoes! I have been signed off work for 8 weeks, and am thinking, will I be on these sandles for all that time? How long before stitches come out? Will I be able to wear shoes? Lots of questions, sorry. Hope your on the mend!! X

Hector in reply to topcat111

Hi, sounds like you had a lot more done than me, I only had the one foot done so that made my life easier cos I had 1 good foot to balance on!!

I had dissolvable stitches but normally it's 10 days before they're taken out. I had the padded bandages taken off after the 10 day check up. That felt strange for a couple of days and I went back to using crutches for a day because I felt a bit vulnerable.

I was wearing the wedge sandal for 6 weeks but after a month I did start to walk very short distances without it, but still putting weight on the heel, then as my confidence grew I started to slowly put more weight on the ball of my foot.

Being hopeful that I'd get rid of the sandal at 6 weeks I tried on all of my shoes and none of them fitted 😞. So shoe shopping I went and had to go 2 sizes up because of the swelling.

My op was on the 17th December and I'm back in all except one pair of my shoes and boots. The swelling does go down so don't lose heart.

Because of the amount of time I was walking on my heel my ankle had tightened up and I lost some flexibility, my Bowen therapist helped release it and one exercise she gave me was really good. It was to write the alphabet with your foot because it goes through all of the range of movement.

When you get rid of the sandals you'll probably find that you have to think about walking again, I know I did!!

Hope that helps, feel free to ask away if I've missed anything.

One other thing that I've just remembered is that I had to keep my foot up for the first 2 weeks and it's best to keep it above heart height. It helps the swelling go down. So it's laying on the couch with your foot on cushions 😄

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