Foot changes and taking DMARDs?

I noticed the other day on both feet below the little toe what appears to look like bunions - I wear flat shoes or boots and non of my shoes are tight on me (them days are long gone) I cant wear heels either.

Under my feet hurt too. Feels like I'm walking on a pebbled surface

I was diagnosed with RA in June 2011. Could this be joint damage? Even though I take leflunomide and hydroxychloroquinne?

Many thanks


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  • I have the problem with the underneath of my feet. Was referred to podiatrist who said the fat pads underneath the balls of my feet had shifted (presumably due to joint swelling before I was diagnosed and on medication) This means that I am actually walking on the bones which is why it hurts. Was referred to orthotics and now have some inserts. I also find that fit flop shoes are excellent as they are so cushioned. I don't need the inserts with those x Sally x

  • Hi Sally, daft question.... do you also have RA? Just wondered if it was part of the horrid contraindications. x

  • Yes I do x

  • Hi Sally, I have the same problem as you - isn't it painful! My podiatrist said it is caused by joint deformity typical of RA. She said my current footwear (pair of wide fitting nubuck leather chukka boots) are a good choice and she's in the process of making insoles to suit. I also told her that I own a pair of hiking boots (not that I can walk very far but try to do a bit of bird watching when I can), which she said was another good choice of footwear. So she asked me to bring them along on my next visit and would design insoles for them as well - I didn't expect that!

    Anyway, I was wondering if your inserts help much?

    I'm a male BTW, hence my chunky chukka boots. :)

  • Only collected my insoles last week. When I wear my FitFlop boots or FitFlop canvas shoes I don't need them as they are so cushioned I don't get any pain. Unfortunately my insoles mean that none of my other shoes fit me when they are in so I need to go shopping. I can see that the way they are designed to support the arch to stop the pressure on the ball of the foot will be very helpful though

  • Thanks Sally, If they help a little I'll be grateful - my feet are not in good shape after 10 years of RA. Hope I don't need to go shopping though as my current boots ain't cheap!

    Podiatrist said it could be a case of trial and error and might take some time to get the insoles to support my feet correctly... presume this means modifying them if needed. All good things as they say....

  • The podiatrist did say that the insoles would take a while to get used to and would perhaps feel a bit uncomfortable for a while and to break myself in gently with them. But any continuous problems and they would look at them again and change if needed. If these are fine, I can call up and they will send a second pair out so that I have two sets

  • Ah, that's what happens.

    Thanks again

  • I think what you are describing sounds like a 'Tailor's Bunion' - like a mini bunion but on the other side of the foot? If so it's quite possible to get them without any disease and I don't think sensible shoes are a guarantee against these things. I know just about any foot deformity can be caused by PsA though, including bunions, and perhaps by RA too.

  • I don't have anything wrong with the bottom of my feet, but I do have a lump like you described on my right foot,and have been told it is a tailors bunion, the only problem I have with it is getting shoes or sandals to fit round it, I was told it is not worth doing anything with it as removal would be very painful. Hope you get some relief soon.

  • Thanks x

  • Hi there

    Sounds just like tailors bunions. They do run in families, if not in the previous generation then the one before that, so quite possibly a grandparent. Ask around the family, you may be surprised. From now the correct footwear for the right activity. May be worth seeing a podiatrist, orthotic provision is a possible option worth considering. Crocs are probably the most comfortable shoes. I use them as house shoes/slippers. Not good for all day wear as you need the foot properly supported so that mechanically it can work as efficiently as possible.

  • Will get a referral ASAP, it doesn't look right so the sensible thing to do is get it seen to. Thank you for all the help xx

  • I have a swelling on the base on my foot under the toe joint. Walking is difficult & it has been caused by the RA. Due to the angle of my foot it has also caused the bones to move over causing a lump on the other. RA surgeon is going to remove for me only downside is that it will come back. Hope this helps.

  • I have rd and also have pain on working. I have had some insoles made by a podiatrist which I try and wear most of the day. I have some shoes and also some house shoes from wider fitting shoes website. I am no longer proud . This does help but recently I have ultrasound of the base of my feet here they found 3 bursas all of which were injected which helped too. Didn't get much relief but it does help. Fitflop help too although I found ones with a back on which help me as the action of walking with the toe post can set off my pain.


  • Hi Sally. FitFlop do a range of proper boots and shoes rather than just the flip flops. I find them so comfy x Sally x

  • I have the same problem due to rd I have some crocs and now live in sketchers go walk 2 expensive but help loads had inner souls made but to me it just put loads pressure on my knees hope thing go well for you

  • Awe thanks all. I need to contact my RA team . Bless all who cared to answer xx

  • Thanks all who have given me some tips. Need to contact the RA team I think xxxx Thanks again ;-)

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