Sorry not been on, update on my weekend in stratford upon avon and my 1st injection of enbrell !!!!!

Hi All,Sorry I havent been on for a while not been well last week and then was away weekend. Hope you had a pain free weekend and enjoyed the sun. :)

I Went to Stratford Upon Avon with my hubby the weekend, some of you will remember me saying he had booked it as a surprise to cheer me up after having sat in the house for 3 months in agony from my RA . We had a fantastic time the weather was lovely,the park full of actors dressed in outfits from shakespeares plays, there was a live band, and dancers, magicians, and clowns and a small market selling genuine wares ie, leather goods, silk scarves which my husband bought me two of, as i couldnt make my mind up which to choose, one was cornflower blue with a peacock on it the other a salmon pink with blue outlined butterflies and soaps, etc..., the hotel was full of history and staff were really lovely and very helpful, we had a beautiful room overlooking the park and the food was gorgeous , breakfast i had in bed to save my legs going down to the dining room. Evening high tea was really enjoyable with little sandwiches and quaint little cakes and a chocolate fondu with fruit as well .Our evening meal was cooked to perfection roast lamb with all the trimmings and desert was a sherry trifle but with quite exotic fruits followed by a liquer coffee. I did have a few baileys i must admit but all in keeping with the evening lol well thats my excuse and i'm sure i've added a few ponds to the weighing scales when i can pluck up the courage to weigh myself lol. . We returned home sunday evening after 7pm. All in all a fantastic weekend really left me feeling refreshed i didnt do to bad with walking either as i have my walking stick physio gave me before i went to stratford so this aided my walking well it did untill i ended up with blisters on my left hand as the stick was rubbing so ended up buying a new stick with blue floral pattern all over it quite pretty but it has a rubber straight handle thats cushioned so a lot more comfortable. I must say was shattered in a good way when we got back.

On Monday my Enbrell nurse came out i'd had my injections delivered on the Thursday previous. I injected myself with no problems and i wasnt frightened at all. I think i had waited that long that i was eager to get started . The only thing i will say is it stung a little but i think this is the substance going in not the needle. It was very quick and all over within a few seconds. Guess what NO HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS either !!!!!!!. That was my biggest fear. So i am really happy about that . I am in less pain just my right leg knee joint , ankle and toes all playing up r/knee still swollen and left but left not too bad.

I went to Aquatone yesterday and really enjoyed it . I'm either getting used to the exercise routine or my joints seem to be getting used to it. But i thoroughly enjoy it and even met an old work colleagued there this week from a previous employment as a Medical receptionist.

So we went for coffee and a chat to catch up . Was shocked to find out she also had RA and Osteo and atttends the same Rhuemy hospital as me . We had a really good catch up and a good laugh about old times, felt really good .

So all in all have had a good weekend and start to the week. Hope you've all been enjoying the weather and are having a painfree day . lots of hugs Lena :))) xxx

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  • such good news all round,, now what was the lovely hotel called Im trying to book romatic weekend break in july xx??

  • Thank you Ali, well worth staying there It was the Grosvenor highly recommend it xxx

  • It is booked on the day i wanted,! I missed a deal on living social site so I HAD GOT MYSELF IN A SPOT!, my chap thought I HAD BOOKED it, confessed all tonite and luckily got original place direct not through an offer website, minus evening meal!, so I can chose eating in or out. its the Kings court hotel at alcester., more rural, but still handy for area x

  • Hi Lena,

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Stratford is a real favourite of mine, it was the first place that my hubby took me to when we first started seeing each other and we got married there too nearly 8 years ago.

    I'm glad to hear that your first Enbrel injection went well, I hope it starts to help you very soon. I am waiting for a decision regarding anti-TNF therapy and I think if all goes well, I might also start Enbrel so would be really interested to hear if/how it works out for you.

    Take care,

    Mags. x

  • Hi Mags, yes stratford is my little piece off heaven, i obsolutely love it down there. We are looking to retire there. So was great to get back down there havent been for 1 1/2 years . I'll keep you informed how i get on with Enbrell so far so good for me. I hope you get on the anti tnfs and dont have to wait to long. I just hope mine works now , but just glad no side effects after all the others. Take care lena xxx :)

  • I wish i had known we would have come over and met you as we live in bulkington so it is not

  • Ah sylvi it would have been lovely to meet you as well, i 'm not sure where aboouts that is. Im rubbish with geography lol . But thank you any way. xxx lena :)

  • The other side of coventry. Where do you live as you say down,so i am assuming its further up the country. xxx

  • i live outskirts of walsall but will be moving in October back to Birmingham, its a bit too out in the sticks for me and have to drive everywhere even to get to a local shop . But when we retire we are going to retire in stratford . xxxxx

  • You are only up the road then from me. I am the first exit when you reach coventry and then you just go through bedworth and i am the next villgage. Its amazing how close people are isn't it.

    Anyway why are you up so late are you having trouble sleeping as

  • Hi your weekend sounds lovely. It was very good weather to. Top marks to your husband for booking it x

  • Thanks miss yes it was a lovely surprise well i knew before we went but didnt know he'd booked it till the week we were going. i really enjoyed it . Just what i needed. xxxxx

  • Keep us posted on Enbrel X

  • Oh Lena how fantastic :-) what a lovely caring hubbie to treat you like that. Lucky girl. So glad to hear the Enbrel went well. hope it brings you some relief very soon. Gentle hugs. Love Janet xxx

  • Hi janet, I hope you are well, yes i really did have a lovely time just what i needed. All the stresses and strains went while i was down there and the pain didnt seem as bad . the Enbrell so far so good so keeping my fingers crossed, only thing i've noticed is i cant sleep it is 3.50am and i am replying to all that have blogged me as i am wide awake. But that is a small price to pay . As long as there are no awful side effects and it works i dont mind can deal with that. Hope your having a pain free day janet. softest hugs lena xxx :)

  • Hi lovely. Sorry to hear you can't sleep. Not good today but this forum is a great distraction that stops me feeling sorry for myself lol. 1pm here. I usually keep checking here throughout my day, so if you're ever up and feel like you need to chat I'm here :-) softest hugs back to you hun. Love Janet xxxx

  • hi hun, sorry to hear you are having a bad day bless i send big soft hugs to you and hope you improve soon.Thank you for letting me know you always around on the blogg, i'll take you up on that same goes for you janet if you ever need a chat blogg me i will answer hun . xxxLena :)

  • Hiya , wel jel! It sound SO gorgeous. U have made me decide to do a romantic break aka dirty weekend ooh! we r both running around daft at hospitals, work, crazy mum in law, daughters exams , think you have inspired me to get away xxx

  • hi hun, sounds like you both could do with a nice break to put your feet up and relax. Let me know how what you decide on hun. hope your feeling well today soft hugs lena xxx :)

  • Hi Lena

    What a lovely post. It all sounded great and well done to your hubby for booking it.

    Glad the enbrel is working for you.

    Mary x

  • Hi Mary, Yes it was a lovely weekend thoroughly enjoyed it just what the doctor ordered as they say lol .I'm really pleased with the Enbrell so far just glad none of those nasty side effects.

    Hugs lena xxx :)

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