Recommendation for Rheumatologist in London?

Hi All, I was diagnosed with Enteropathic Arthritis in August and chose to see how I got on with Mtx with my Gastroenterologist (Prof Teare) rather than start with someone new. However now (that my period of denial is past) I feel it's time I found myself a Rheumatologist. I'm sure Prof Teare will have people he works with, but I'd also really appreciate any recommendations people might make. Many thanks.

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  • I have seen Professor Bruce Kidd. He is very good. BMI hospital at Stepney Green East London

  • Thank you Gadbuya, that's a bit of a way to travel for me but I'll see if he works more centrally as well 😊

  • Hello!!!!! I am also under prof Teare!!! I have known him for 16yeara now he's like one of the family! Very very excited to read this!!! Do you see him at st Mary's? I see him there and under dr Mackworth young at Charing Cross for the rheumatolgy stuff. According to my neaurolgist ( yep I also have auto immune hearing loss) all of my woes stem from my original colitis which ironically doesn't bother me that much!

    If you go to Charing Cross Julian Teare can see your bloods and everything no problem as it's all Imperial.



  • Hi Bon, I too am very excited!! I've been with him for 11 years, love him and wouldnt think about seeing anybody else! I see him at the London clinic but had my last colonoscopy at St Mary's 😊 I've been on the Mtx for 3 months but am so tired of feeling rubbish and pain that think I need To give the whole thing more attention. I'll look up your Rheumy. Thank you so much and let's stay in touch! X

  • Fantastic. I have sent you a direct message with my email. Great not to be the only one out there who has links to inflammatory bowel disease. Do drop me a line once you've got my message.


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