thought you could all do with a laugh

I was out in my car, stuck in traffic when looked down to see the petrol gauge, rev counter, etc had all gone down to zero!!!!! To say i panicked is an under statement.

I got home and phoned the garage who said for me to take it in next morning.


Husband comes home so I tell him. He thinks and calmly said "Anne did you change channel on the radio?" Yes I had. He carefully worded the following- well Anne you know how your fingers are deformed, do you think you may have hit the night panel button which would turn off all the gauges etc.

The car went to the garage- and guess what, he was right.

I made a point of showing the garage man my fingers as an explanation- i did not want to let female drivers down. It was not my driving just the ra!!

Hope the bill is not to expensive!

Take care all of you

Anne / Missy

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A breath of fresh air.. funny xx..!, the garage if they have any decency will wave the bill or charge a nominal £10!



Anne what are you like. I thought it was very funny, i'm sure the garage won't charge you. Its like that with ra isn't it. At least you can see the funny side of it.

Sylvia. xx


Glad I'm not the only one who has this kind of thing happen:-}

Cece x


Thanks Anne, cheered me up no end. I usually panic when the lights go out on the dashboard as well. LavendarLady x


Love it . I had hire car thats petrol gauge went opp way to mine . I stomped to dealers complaining that fuel couldn't go in to be told it was full.. I have no illness excuse other than stupidity xx


Women drivers, what a surprise. :)

You made me laugh, I have Dupytrens and my fingers go off in funny directions, probably just as well I don't drive these days or this could be me as well. I have enough trouble trying to find out where the dipstick is and some my very helpful friends point at me. :)


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