Any alternatives to Ketoprofen suppositories?

Hi there, I've been taking anti inflammatory suppositories for donkey's years. I used to be on Froben but they were discontinued. I was then put onto Ketoprofen which I was quite happily taking along with Esomeprazole. A couple of weeks ago these were discontinued as well. I've been using 100mg Voltarol suppositories for the last week BUT my stomach is getting increasingly tender. There only seems to be Indomethacin ones left. The oral form gave me an ulcer 20 years ago. Anybody out there had a similar problem and been given ANY sort of alternative??

By the way, I'm also on Methotrexate and Leflunomide along with usual painkillers!

Thanks for any forthcoming help!

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  • Hello Cattledog

    I'm sorry you are having trouble with the suppositories and that you have trouble with anti-inflamms in general. After many years of oral NSAIDs I have had to stop taking them completely because of my stomach so I do sympathise. I can tolerate anti-inflammatory gel but it is not ideal for multiple joints. This might be a daft suggestion, but given that your stomach is not good even though you are having your anti-inflamms in the form of suppositories, I wonder if there would be any merit in taking stomach protecting meds (Omeprazole/Lanzoprazole) alongside to see if they help any. Other than that, my only suggestion is that if the mtx and Leflunomide and pain meds are still not helping you enough, maybe talking to the rheumatologist about adding another DMARD alongside might mean that the anti-inflamms are not so necessary.

    Really hope you can find something which helps.

    Tilly x

  • Hi young Tilly,

    I am actually taking stomach protecting meds "Esomeprazole" as shown in my question!! I'm worried about adding another DMARD as I've been on them for twenty years and my platelets, neutrophils and Lymphocytes have been on a downwards trend for the last eight months! Platelets are now down to 153.

    Thank you for your help though....and your kind concern. Hope you are doing OK.

  • HI, just seen your question, I have IBS (requiring the loo quickly type), and I am unable to take any of the NSAIDs as they effect me badly. I only take one DMARD and a anti-tnf along with painkillers. I have to trust these meds to reduce the inflammation, it has taken longer but I am getting there.

  • An alternative to oral or suppository antiinflammatories is a topical gel - voltaren gel is easily available on prescription in the UK. It may seem like it isn't particularly strong, but I found that using it regularly it really did build up a good effect for me over certain areas, but only if I did use it regularly on the same areas of my body. The only downside of it is that you can't use it over your whole body - you have to really choose the main areas that are a problem and there is a limit to how much of the stuff you can use over a week (though I've never got up to that limit - think its as much as a tube a week). The gel obviously doesn't go through your gut, and it also doesn't put the same load on your liver and kidneys as the oral forms do.

  • Hi there,

    Just an update for interested parties!!! I contacted Sanofi Aventis ( the makers of Orudis Ketoprofen suppositories ) and they have told me that said drug is still available around the world in different countries France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Israel etc. If my GP is willing to fund the drug then my pharmacist will import it directly from abroad for me. I've got an appointment for next week and so there may well be a good outcome!

    Thank you to everybody for their replies!

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