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Back pain????


Can anybody tell me if rheumatoid arthritis can cause bad back pain that's constantly there? I don't know if I have RA, but I have many of the symptoms, pains in fingers, feet, positive ana titer etc. I'm due to see my rheumatologist next week and I may find out what's wrong, not expecting too much though, but one of the things I'm really struggling with is my back. I've had my chair checked at work to check its supportive enough, tried exercise like yoga, heat patches, but NOTHING can get rid of it and its quite hard to concentrate at work in this much pain. Could this be RA or is it likely to be something different? And if anyone has any advice / tips that would be amazing!

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Check out the section on this link that says "Have you got the S-factor" or any of the three different lists on this page:

These are check lists for inflammatory back pain, which is different from osteoarthritis or mechanical (injury-related) back pain. If you tick most of the boxes then its possible you have inflammatory spinal arthritis, also known as spondyloarthritis. Make sure you tell the rheumatologist any of the inflammatory back pain symptoms on these lists that you have, and make sure you tell them whereabouts in your back you have pain as well as other joints. Even though you have the positive ANA, it may not be RA, but it could possibly be spondyloarthritis.


I didn't answer your question. No, back pain isn't normally part of RA. But it is definitely part of spondyloarthritis, which is the other main type of inflammatory arthritis.


Ooh thank you, I'll have a look now...


Sounds like the first course of action is to get thee to your GP, or consultant if you already have one. That much pain can best be defined by an MRI of the area. I have Psoriatic Arthritis, AS and also RA. I have had 8 spine surgeries, two knee replacements several hand and wrist surgeries. RA does affect the smaller, finer bones of the body, primarily the hands, feet and spine. You can't diagnose or define what is causing what by second guessing. You need an MRI! Please do not delay, damage can be happening that cannot be repaired.

All the best, first see your GP or consultant. That much back pain needs to be defined immediately. Loret


I dont know, but I have RA, positive ANA and constant pain Iin my lower back, thigh, hip snd badically all over. pain pills atr beginning not to work at all. Help


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