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Back Pain...Anybody?

Probably a silly question but does anybody with RA also suffer with back pain?

Although I have had RA for nearly 17yrs I have never had trouble with my back, I did have sciatica once but that was treated, got better and as been ok since.

However, for the past few weeks have had pain right at the bottom of my back which comes and goes, often triggered by standing too long or if I sleep on my back. Just the other day I was standing at the garden fence talking to my neighbor and after a while could hardly move because of it.

It's that horrid pain that makes you feel nauseous, it can sometimes be on my right or left side sort of round to my hip.

That's the best way I can explain it.

Thanks mand xx

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Hi Brian here.

For the last few months I have had a pain in the cokex (not sure how you spell it) it's the tail at the base of the spine. Have trouble sitting in cars or hard seats. Apart from that mines OK. Sorry I can't help.


Hi Mand

sorry to hear about your back, the cocix is a joint. You may have to see your GP, the other thing I thought is we often don't walk correctly as we carry a bad knee ankle or toes and on a bad day all at once. This may throw the back out, I had a stenosis of the spine about 10 years ago that doen't seem to mind the RA. Anyhow my advice a trip to the GP, sorry

gentle hug



I get back pain, but then I have been a martyr to me back for years. I know some people with RA Have mentioned the Sacroilliac joint being affected by RA which is the joint between the hip and the base of the spine, I think you get a pin at the top of your bottom, if you know what I mean and it hurts when you stand and walk?. I should get your doc to have a look. Go careful x


hi my lower three lumbar vertbra have fused!, it was interesting 2 years ago when I HAD to have a lumbar puncture 2 years ago, doctor said oh!, as he tried to find a place for the needle I SAID a biigger o that cant be published!, it was suspected viral menigitis


Hi Mand, it does sound like it could be a coccyx problem or possibly as Tricia says incorrect posture. The latter is common, because we adjust our walking and sitting posture to cope with a hip, knee, foot, ankle problem this can in turn lead to back issues. The nature of back pain can be many and varied but if it is persistent, it sounds as though it may be, it is certainly worth getting it checked out. If it is a posture issue this can be remedied by a trip to the physio who will prescribe appropriate exercises. A visit to the GP it is then!

Lyn x


Hi Mand, I'm lucky that I haven't had too much back pain although I do get some when my hips are playing up. I think mine is caused when I adjust into dodgy postures to relieve the hip pain. It's not pretty!

My Nan had RA/Ankylosing spondylitis which gave her a lot of lower back pain around the coccyx area.

Hope you get some respite from it soon.




Hi Mand, Ive had severe back pain for at least 2 years now, I had an MRI 15 months ago which shown I had degeneritive disc disease. I cant stand or walk much without increased pain that makes me feel sick! I cant walk for, stand or sit for long I have a specialy made chair to sit in which was made to measure medically and cost over 1 thousand but I could not get comfortable in any position before and the chair helps me be comfortable while sitting for a while, sleep is very disturbed due to back pain.


Thanks for all your comments, again very supportive and understanding you all are.

Julie, I don't Know how you have managed to cope with that back pain for all this time, but then again we don't get much choice do we?

Could be my posture as some of you have said as we do sometimes adjust it to compensate for other aching joints. can't win can we !!

mand xx


Mand like you say we just have to cope!

You learn to cope with pain after a while and learn to alter the way you do things I know now how far I can or cant walk,I know there is lots of things I cant do or it will cause more pain so I alter what I do to not increase my pain.


Hi, the pain in my coccyx was how i first went to the doctor, then i mentioned my knees and ankle's giving way and painful in the morning and the next thing i know am diagnosed with RA !

Does anybody get RA in their temples ? have looked on this site but there are no references to it !


Hi kaz, I have had problems with my jaw in the past, terrible problems opening and closing my mouth ( great for my hubby though, peace and quiet, lol) used to get a strange clicking sound, ok now though.

only affects me when I get a flare.

mand xx


Yes i think my partner would like me to have a problem opening and closing my mouth ! sadley it's just my temples which causes me to snap at him as its like someone is drilling in the side of my head ! He Ho will ask the consultant when i see him next week !

Hope you are having a good day ? x


Yes you must mention it at your next appointment, always best to tell them everything Kaz.

Take care

mand xx


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