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What a morning!!!!!

Its a nice day so i thought i trip over to bedworth. Got my scooter out and off i trundled. Get to just over the railway bridge and theres a set of traffic lights. They are putting in new gas mains. Get to just passed the horse centre and because the footpath is blocked i've got to cross a busy road to travel down the other side. Get to the canal and believe it or not i've got to now travel on the road as both footpaths are blocked. Caught up with one of the workers and had a bit of a moan. He said he would put a ramp in so i could get on the path, which he did but not in the right place so i still had to travel on the road coming home.

Its a nightmare just to go out shopping, let alone try to use a bus. So now i back home having gone on a obstackle course to go shopping. No wonder a lot of us don't go out as its too much hassle.

Well people i'm going to go and do a bit of gardening in the sun.


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Hope you enjoyed your gardening.

Another thing that really annoys me is when cars park next to dropped pavements its just so inconsiderate -i don't use a chair but i remember having problems with a pram and i've seen some poor people take a detour sometimes onto main roads just to get back on the pavement in their chairs!

Take care


HI Sylvie what an ordeal! Hope it settled down and you enjoyed the rest of the day.


Morning ladies, yes i did enjoy my day gardening. I went into council office in bedworth while i was over there to get some bags for recycling. While there i had a right moan about the streets and kerbs in the village. The lady said she would pass my comments on. Which she did, she rang before i had left bedworth. She rang back later when i was home. Upshot of my moaning is that a surveyor is going to look at the paths in the village.

Sylvia. xx


result.. then sylvia well done x


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