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Weekend away

Hi back from weekend away at the Gower,.

Set of Friday after Drs appointment.. well that went well.. he said were are you going.. and that was it. my medical stuff was secondary.. all his family are from that area unknown to me( with a name ending in reich?).. it was what places to visit!

Any way I have been to the Gower before and we discussed how I could get round some mobility issues.. the two most beautiful beaches are not accessible fully but you can still admire the view!

He recommended a couple of completely accessible beaches ie ones you can drive to!.. one of which I knew and another which I didnt.

I managed to get near enough to my two favourite beaches to admire the view.

Any way the thing on my wrist is a ruptured tendon or ganglion.. thought I would ask GP as Rheum team didnt know.. and my risk of cardio vascular disease is quite low.

Me and three friends went off after the Gower about 100 miles

.I managed to drive 50 So was thrilled my back has recovered and its the furthest I have driven since RA !. One of my friends shared the driving and we stopped for lunch half way we took the heads of the valley (merthyr road).

We stayed in self catering chalet bungalow.. if any one is interested one is fully adapted for wheel chair use!.. we stayed in an "ordinary one!"( you can take dogs if you wish also)

We stopped in Swansea for our self catering supplies. but we did some eating out too.

We got there and went to the beach after settling in the site is bank farm caravan site at Port Eynon(It takes caravans too and tents !)

My camping days are over never liked it anyway!We went for an afternoon stroll on the beach.

We went to several beaches. my favourites which I let more able friends see Rhossili and three cliffs and I admired from above!

we did archery.. he kept wondering( the guy) why I couldnt pull back a bow..I explained I had RA and he then get me special one with a pulley..which is apparently used in the para olympics!. there was also a bird of prey display and I had an owl and couple of hawks land on the special glove it was enjoyable..

Went to a heritage centre, that was quite good. water mill,. historical stuff. and also an alternative / spiritual fair was there the weekend we were there.

Got back yesterday v tired after driving and also my friends are more late night than me..

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Sounds like a lovely place Alison, and sounds like you had a great time too.

The lump on your wrist did sound like a ganglion when you described it a while ago, I remember my mom having one when I was young.

It was nice of the GP to recommend some places for you to visit and ones that would be easy access for you.

You had some nice weather to, which is always a bonus.

Take care

mand xx


Sounds like. Nice break and you coped well, glad you doing better Alison .

Onward and upward as our ' departed' pal used to say!



Sounds like you had a fab time.

I love looking at the beaches too

My young niece commented on the beach near us not being wheelchair accessible and said if she was god she would make everywhere better for wheelchairs bless her x


Lovely blog alison,did wonder how you got on. Pleased you had a good time.

Sylvia. xx


I'd love to go to the Gower peninsula, as it looks so beautiful. I've only ever been to North Wales. I keep my eyes pinched shut around Snowdonia: no good when I'm driving, ha ha!


Glad you had such a lovely time Ali - a change of scenery does you good:-

Cece x


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