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5 weeks out on kenolog injection

well i was ok for a walk again yesterday did about a mile with me insoles in from the podiatrist

whent out for meal with me mates felt ok bit ache but not as much.

whent for me swim later on about 6pm didnt push it though

made me tea when i got back in.

AND HELL KICKED IN AGAIN i was realy fed up thought i was going to have a decent day worst its been for ages so i whent to bed early. knees hurting ankles hurting arms hurting neck hurting

me thinks the injection must be wearing off and its time to go on sulfazine so i have made an appointment at the doctors

and im at the knee specalist tomorrow hope he does a xray on me knee and ankle DONT NO WHAT TO DO ABOUT RIPPING INTO THIS KNEE IF HE OFFERS any advice enyone?

the othe rumi said about 12 months before this may go at this point i think im stuck for life with having ligament attacked all the time then its whay have i got left.

i can put up with one or 2 aches but when its all over your body yuo just cant controle it.

regared john

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HI John

You are sounding sick as a parrott today m8!

I have just felt this as i started feeling better on my Humira but then had a flare last week and it kicked in so bad and it made me miserable.

All I can say about the knee problem is see what they say and ask him for any leaflets of advice sheets that he has so you can read them at home and take time to think about what he says. If he says you need treatment then like me over my op you have to balance the good things against the bad things but the main question for me would be if I have anything done will it make my knee feel better? I someone going with you tomorrow as two sets of ears can help. But if he says he doesnt want to do treatment maybe you could ask if physio or acupuncture could help as a lot of hospitals do these for pain relief now. So good luck , hope you feel better very soon and it goes well tomorrow.

love aXX


thanks allana

made appointment for sulfazaine tabs but my private rum says to wait a

couple of months for it to wear off sometimes kenolouge can be ok for 6 months well its worked for me a bit but after last night dont know about that my imune system seems to be more powerfull than the injection at the moment well like yesterday not been to bad at momment wait till tonight and holding my breath.

think you right about tommorows appointment think i should get some phisio maybe ultrasound on it see how it goes like i had last time

just praying he is right and this thing will be going for the summer but i have me doubts on this one this time.

not done a lot of walking today just short ones

its what i call a waz wait and see

regards john


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