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Z thumb deformity

Hi, my thumb is getting worse, despite all my exercises to keep it moving. I can't pinch my thumb to my fore-finger. It is making me clumsy and I can't hold a pen. I have an appointment soon and hope there is an easy solution to this.

Have any of you suffered with this problem and are now fully functional again? Would a special splint help? Or will I have to go under the knife?

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Sorry too many mistakes for me to bear! Take 2;

I have seen images of this Phoebe but it's far outside my experience so can't advise - just offer my sympathy. My own thumbs, like many of my joints, feel tight in the top joint and they both ache and are a bit knobbly but I think this is probably just a bit of OA and is only noticeable to me. It must be so uncomfortable. You should speak to a physio or an OT if you can. Tilda xx


Thanks for your reply Tilda. I had hoped to hear from people in similar situations. Looks like my Z thumb is unusual, which is a good thing I suppose. (Except for me!)

Seeing the nurse on Wed so hope to get referred to OT.


Sorry no one else has come forward Phoebe but as you say it's probably for the best (except for you of course ;-( ) TTx


Hi Phoebe

Sorry that you have not had more responses to your post so just wanted to suggest that the Arthritis Reasearch UK publications on splints and surgery may be of interest and also that the Looking after your Joints booklet may throw up some good ideas for managing this until

your next appointment.

Best wishes



Thanks Lorraine,

I have seen the nurse and will be referred to the consultant surgeon. Unfortunately his waiting list is very long, so it won't be till next year.

Meanwhile I am hoping to see the OT soon.

So I will look at this link and find out more about splints,



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