Thumb injection

Thumb injection

Morning everyone. Just back from Northumberland with my fur Children.

Due to have my thumb injected on Monday. Does it hurt and does it work ? Only had big joints injected before.

Been wearing a splint the OT gave me on and off for 16 months. Did go to have it injected at that time but the rest of my fingers swollen so had I. M depot instead. It's painful to use clicks and sometimes locks when I use it which causes the bad pain.

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  • Hiya moomie. Not quite the same but I had an injection for trigger finger into the tendon at the base of my middle finger & whilst it wasn't pleasant it wasn't too bad. It included lidocaine which I'm sure must help. I hope yours goes ok, & more importantly works.

    Trust you had a nice break. Love Keegan & Totties poppies! x

  • Thanks NMH. Had my knee injected twice this year and was ok. Fingers crossed ouch ! :).

    Thanks yes Tottie and Keegan have been wearing their poppies with pride.

  • I had a steroid injection into the base of my thumb for de quervains syndrome. The jab was fine and it gave me some pain relief and helped me move my thumb a bit easier. was worth it! M x

  • Oh thank you that sounds promising. Pleased worked too.


  • I had a toe injected a few months ago - sort of similar to a finger? Uncomfortable rather than painful having it done, but worked a treat! Still pain free now.

  • Yes very similar. That's great it worked well for you. I think like anything it is anticipation and you think it should hurt.Had my knees done twice this year first time like you say a little uncomfortable but worked well. Second time different Dr did hurt a bit but he said got it in wrong place and didn't really work.

    I can go tomorrow now happier and looking forward to the benefit.

    Thank you


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