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Hello again, just a quick question. I am currently on antibiotics for an infected ingrowing toenail - obviously my toes are coming out in sympathy with Tilda's fingernails! Since starting this course of pills, I am surprised that I feel so much better in myself. Less tired, more energy and am generally moving easier. I think I remember that others feel the same on antibiotics but can't find any relative blogs. Is it true or have I dreamt it? If it is true, why can't we be put on the occasional course of penicillin (sp?) every so often to 'perk' us up for a bit!!! Enjoy your Friday evenings. Virge

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I have heard that sometimes autoimmune disorders quieten down a bit when your body is dealing with normal kinds of illness (like colds and possibly infections), so it might be the infection that has stopped your autoimmune system fighting itself, and got it fighting the bugs instead, and not actually be anything to do with the antibiotics.


Yes I think perhaps Earthwitch is right. I have had two lots of antibiotics in the past two months but only the time I was put on it after the horrible cold did it make me feel better overall - this time with the infected finger it made no difference really (apart from to the relevant finger that is!) and I found it gave me a slightly jippy tummy and it was really hard taking it away from mealtimes and juggling it around the other medicines I'm on

There is an alternative approach to treating RA which relies entirely on antibiotics I believe. It is called the Brown theory - used by Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown who was a rheumatologist who discovered that by using antibiotics the disease could be treated. The main problem with his approach seems to have been that it can take several years for the antibiotics to work properly and in the meantime patients can suffer from extreme flares in response to this approach - and as we all know it's during flares that the damage to our bodies can be done. I'm being very simplistic here because I've only briefly researched this approach - but suggest you look it up online if you want to know more.

There would not be many Brown specialists who could apply this alternative in the UK I imagine. It came up on this site recently when abannister posted a blog about Dr Mercola who uses Dr Brown's theories to bolster his own practice and merchandising. Worth looking up though.

Tilda xx


Tilda, there are also antibiotic treatment theories with spondyloarthritis - based on the theory that klebsiella in your gut is the thing that triggers the autoimmune response that produces ankylosing spondylitis and other spondyloarthropathy. Some folk swear by antibiotic protocols and the "roadback foundation" is one that has a particular antibiotic protocol for that. Unfortunately this approach doesn't actually work for a lot of folk.


I want to read the replies, but it is impossible to read the replies because the web page is badly written. It has suppressed the vertical scroll bar, so I can't scroll down to read the replies.


I'm not sure I've had this problem before but if it's the same on another post or page or on a different mobile, tablet etc you can report it to Tech Support, they're always helpful


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