1 week on from taking extra dose mtx

Its one week on now from taking an extra dose of mtx...taken by mistake ...prescribed omeprazole the day before so have taken 2x20mg omeprazole for one week.(supposedly reflux) Had contacted gp and rheumy nurse re extra dose and told NOT to take this weeks (thurs) dose of mtx . Immediately taking the omeprazole a cough appeared and I have been coughing up lots of flem which I put down to cause of the reflux...have been sweating and burning up for most of week and totally lifeless, initially my ra symptoms seemed worse and I was expecting even worse by missing this weeks mtx. The last couple of days RA symptoms seem to have eased but putting that down to perhaps taking co codomol for my temperature. Absolutley tired out, coughing all night with what seems like a bunch of feathers in my throat and sleep very eratic..as its weekend getting quite worried in case I have an infection (very hot , sweaty and weak). We are told with auto immune disease we need to be careful not to get infection, should I contact NHS helpline rather than wait until Monday to see GP. Any suggestions. Its all very very weird.

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  • Hiya suzyrob. Did your Rheumy or GP direct you to double dose the omeprazole for a week?

  • No, I usually take 15mg mtx on thurs. on the Friday I was given omeprazole by GP. 20mg twice daily, due to having what he thought was acid reflux, unfortunately took another dose of mtx by mistake on the sat morning.(stupidly) wont make that mistake again.

  • No, I meant the omeprazole. I knew about your MTX incident & replied!

  • Yes thanks for earlier reply. I have been having (what doc said is probably acid reflux) for some time, just once or twice week.(not convinced) First couple of times (just prior to taking mtx) ambulance called and ecg read having heart attack, took straight to hospital all checks done on heart and no problem then follow up cardiologist apt still no problem. So each time this happened it was very worrying.each time lasting for about an hour and wanting to be sick. Didn't think it was indigestion as everyone said, as not into foods that cause such and don't really eat large meals either. It comes on usually at night and gets worse if I ly down. SAme thing happened in 2007 and it was virul pericarditis, rushed to hospital with suspected heart attack..( recently found out RA can cause pericarditis and since being diagnosed with RA earlier this year, when I have one of these bouts I immediately think its pericarditis, hence this happened again last week and doc said to stop taking Ibruprofen and start taking omeprazole. Then as you know I took MTX by mistake. God feel like stopping all meds. And now after reading about omeprazole side effects im convinced doing the wrong thing taking it. I did inform the rheumy nurse when reported the extra MTX and she didn't say anything so, like I say have been taking it for one week 20mg once in morning and once at night.

  • I questioned it as higher doses (more than 20mg daily) can result in worsening symptoms when it's withdrawn as it can inhibit the natural stomach acids & you'll be back to square one. I take 20mg with my daily meds to cover me & always took it even before RD if I needed NSAIDs for another condition so if you were taking ibuprofen regularly without ppi it would probably cause acid reflux if you're susceptible. I was just concerned that if you double dose & then they're completely withdrawn it could be you'll find your symptoms could worsen. It is used as a medication I it's own right but I would have thought there were better meds you could have been given. If it was me I'd want to be getting to the cause of the problem rather than assume it's acid reflux.

    ECG's can often give false results especially if calibrated incorrectly, like any machine or computer. I have a healthy heart yet a couple of months ago as part of a full CV check it recorded 4 times that I'd had a recent heart attack. It was only when a newer ECG was used 3 good, normal readings were eventually given, so much so it was difficult to choose between them to record! It's only natural anything heart related will be of concern with your experiences but I think as long as you give whoever is prescribing anything your heart history so they're aware of meds which are most likely to contraindicated then you should be fine.

    Take care.

  • Thanks for that. I too thought it seemed a high dose to start on. And to presume acid reflux too and it was all from telephone call as its too difficult to get to see gp nowadays. Thanks again for that information.

    Will talk with GP ,Monday. Only a week so hopefully no damage done.

  • If you feel you have a temp get some help. Best not to wait.

  • I was told if I gave a temperature, feel ill, think I have infection to call docs ASAP. Especially with having extra mtx you may have lowered your resistance to infection , I would call 111 or your emergency doctor number and ask for advice today personally.

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