what a day yesterday was on the old kenoloug injection

whent swimming again yesterday felt up to it water was lovely and warm for once unless that was my in built central heating going off.

BUT paid for it last night and this morning

swelling in hands down quite a bit with the old injection at nearly 2 weeks out this wed and grip a bit better

but last night on the left knee and ankle even the old right ankle joined in last night with warm red spots on it.

got me old olive oil out and massarged it but didnt make any difference

body wants to colaps in a heap this morning well feels like that.

im blaming this wet weather a bit and am dreading winter months.

streatch and everything cracks.

why cant this thing just consentrate on one area instead of jumping around all over the place.

i just GLAD this site is here where you can get some advice and make freinds on it.

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  • Sorry to hear your not getting any continued respite from the injection you had, at the least the swelling is coming down, which is a good sign. Agree this site is good to seek help, advice and speak about your lot.

  • HI GEORGE BEEN OUT AND ABOUT TO MATES TODAY ON BIKES instead of being on computer

    cold feet and aching knees today george

    had about an hrs repreive while i was down at me mates

    probably cos its duck weather again MIND YOU IM STARTING TO WALK LIKE A DUCK lol

    hope you are having a good day george

    regards john

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