Yesterday was the worst i have ever felt with these diseases. I didn't sleep well the night before with weird dreams and such. Got up yesterday and i felt god awful. I couldn't tell you how i felt i felt that bad. My right ankle was very sore as was my fingers and exhausted i was so exhausted and tired. I got dressed and went out with hubby for the fresh air mainly in the hope that it would make me feel brighter. Fat lot of good that was. When i got home i put my pjs on and that is how i stayed for the rest of the day. I even went up to bed during the afternoon. My eyes were a right mess dark sore and itchy and teary i was so weepy yesterday,my poor old hubby had a wet shoulder more than once. I was asleep by 9.30pm last night and slept well for me even though i got up at 5.30am and i have pottered a bit today not a lot. My joints still ache as well,but i am brighter than yesterday thank goodness.. Hugs to all......xxxxxx

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  • Do you think that this blinking RA conspires to make our lives as difficult as possible all the time, or does it just pick on one or two of us at the same time. I am exhausted. Sitting in my favourite ice cream parlour eating a banana longboat. One shop to go after then home to collapse! Chin up time.

  • Thank you darling and i am sorry your suffering as well.Ice cream parlour now that sounds like a a lovely rest stop.xxxxx

  • Sorry you feel so bad Sylvi,sometimes wonder how we all go on with this awful disease,thing is no one really knows how we feel,thank goodness we can talk to each other here,it helps when things get to much knowing were all in the same boat.on a lighter note, I have an albino squirrel in my garden,a male, who is chasing all the ladies around, as it's breeding season,quite rare, I've been told.Your hydrangea looks lovely,beautiful up.xxxx

  • Take a photo of him and share it with us as i know i would love to see him.xxxx

  • Glad you are feeling a wee bit better. The soreness is one thing but to feel crap as well is another. Just take your time and rest plenty its do a bot and rest a bit thats what i do.

    Sending hugs XXX


  • Glad you feel a bit better , Sylvi. I do too. Funny how there are days when you feel overwhelmed, but then come another day and you get some positivity from somewhere. Your sleep probably helped. Hope you have continued to feel brighter. Spring will soon be here...xx

  • Sorry you are suffering and down Sylvi. I think many of us are suffering so much and these horrible dark wet days make everything far worse ! Hopefully we might all feel bit better when spring arrives, well - I hope so anyway !! We've just cancelled our holiday to Spain as I simply could not face it suffering so much pain at present, we are very disappointed but it was not meant to be. Take care xxx

  • Lots and lots of love. Sounds like an awful day but you've made it through :) it's a battle at times but keep going x

  • sometimes a good cry is necessary sylvi I know it helps me to release all the frustration of these awful illness. great that hubby is there even if it does mean a wet shoulder or two.

    sending lots of hugs

    may tomorrow be brighter for you.

    lovely photo.

  • Thank you everyone for your lovley words. Today looks like it is going to be another rough day as my eyes hurt again and my joints are not very clever,anyway we will see as the day goes on how i am.xxxxx

  • I hope you can find some comfort today, sleeplessness and pain are so hard to cope with.

  • I slept fairly well last night apart from hubby who woke up in a lot of pain grumpy and he is still the same this morning. It is another off day for me again,but i am going to push through and go out with my camera.xxxx

  • I'm glad you slept a bit better. I rarely go out without a camera even if it's just a phone camera. I took one yesterday which I'm quite pleased with and will try to send it to you. Watch out for the rain!

  • Poor you! Sylvia. I get days like that. It isn't always related to how the RA is on that particular day. It's just being worn down by the sheer chronicIty of it all. "when will it end?" I ask myself. I then realise that the answer is probably when I first, so that doesn't cheer me up much! Bed is often the best solution with the attitude that tomorrow is another day. Bed, NRAS forum, cat - not necessarily in that order.

    You don't deserve to feel so low; you are such a support to others. Jo x

  • Glad you are better today than yesterday. I'm so sorry you are having such a time lately! Feel better soon. Hugs!!

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