Enforced Vacation

Well peeps, eventful week had a problem with wrist on Monday, went to docs and ended up in hospital with suspected Septic Arthritis. Four days of IV antibiotics and am home with more drugs than they left in the pharmacy lol. Wrist is strapped but a lot better than it was. Back to work on Monday yay. Still not got an appointment for my Rituximab but got to see my consultant and provided I respond appropriately to antibiotics (phone consult next week) they will be setting it up.Missed the girls (tho not missed them bouncing on me first thing in the morning) but hospital make up for it by waking you up at ridiculous o'clock for obs and medicine. Glad to be home. Hope all are well. Linda x

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  • Sorry to hear you have had such a rotten week, I hope you will feel better soon.

  • And i thought i had a bad week. Sending lot of hugs to you. Sylvi.xxx

  • Thanks, this week was just my turn for a bit of grief is all. Feeling not so bad atm and absolutely delighted to be out of hospital which although was probably necessary does little to boost the spirits tho visits from midgets cheered me (and other patients) no end. Linda x

  • Poor you - glad you're home again that must have been quite a scare. How did the pain in your wrist differ from a normal RA flare then? If I had the pain back in my wrists I don't think I'd know to go to see a doc as would just assume normal flare was back - but really good job you did! Tilda xx

  • Mostly it was due to its sudden onset and the fact that it was in a singular joint, normally my RA 'mirrors' what happens in the left, happens in the right, etc. I had a temperature as well and have feltys so my immune system is regularly in the toilet. I went to my GP (who is amazing) hoping simply for some sort of pain relief (giving birth was considerably less painful) and he felt a trip to the hospital was necessary. They obviously agreed and several days of IV antibiotics later and home with a fortnights prescription of what can only be described as horse-size oral antibiotics here I am.

  • Gosh - this makes me wonder about my own experiences last year and in February when I had the most excruciating pain in my wrist - both but much much worse in my right. It felt as if someone was sticking a metal wedge down between my little finger and index finger so it went all the way down to my ulnar joint and they were trying to prize the wrist bones apart. I was actually sick with pain and - like yourself- childbirth seemed relatively straigtforward in term of comparative pain levels. This happened a few times in my right wrist only before I was diagnosed and I just assumed it was a normal RA flare up since I was new to the disease.

    It really shook me up though and it's taken me a long time not to fear the same thing happening again. Now I've read of what happened to you I wonder if it was normal RA or if it was actually the same thing as yours only it was evenings and weekends so I didn't think to phone the out of hours service - just downed shed loads of pain drugs and desperately hoped the MTX would kick in. I did tell the GP after the last time because it was so terrifying and she immediately contacted my rheumy who upped my MTX and added in Hydroxy etc.

    I hope you don't have this experience ever again - I really do know how nightmarishly painful it is. Take care, Tilda xx

  • Thanks sweet, you too Linda x

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