Well folks I'm home now from hospital got out this afternoon as I'm on oral antibiotics now and once the infections away I've to go back and get my Gaulbladder out but that's for another day, I'm whacked and just glad to be back home where I can rest up and gather my strength back, the guy next to me was snoring every night and I've not slept for 2 nights night night be pain free everyone 😪😴😌

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  • Take care of yourself and rest up . Hope things take a positive turn soon.


  • Glad your home, wishing you a speedy recovery. A good night's sleep always helps. Stay positive. Hessie 😊

  • Glad to hear you're home again. You'll be able to rest up and recover properly now. Hugs


  • Glad you are home popsmith1874 and able to fit in some quality sleep.

    There have been times I have been in hospital and had the worst sleep ever,theres just so much noise going on apart from the other "guests" snoring.

    Wishing you well for the gallbladder op.



  • Isn't "home" a lovely word?...I'm glad that you are on the mend :)

  • Having my gall bladder out was the best thing I ever did! It was so painful before and no pain at all now. Good luck

  • Dear PS - so sorry for your pain - been there too and had mine out in ? 1989. BUTnowadays it is easier op. and smaller scar etc so don't worry [as far as poss.] Take ear plugs too. Rest up and take the TLC. gentle hugs xx

  • I wish I had some when I was in their last week, never slept for 2 nights as guy next to me was a serial snores loudest I've ever heard was glad to get a decent sleep last night😜

  • Hi have you suffered long with your gallbladder ? I've just started having attacks and am awaiting a scan.What medication are you on for your RA? Hope you get a good rest. Cheryl

  • 2weeks then hospitalised I'm on antibiotics so can't take Benepali or 20mgs mtx injections until infection away, then gallbladder out keyhole and off jags again,the doctor said it's mtx that's doing damage

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