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well 2 days off private rumi appointment

well i was a bit please with myself yesterday

took the clutch side off one of me bikes ready for new clutch plates, me mate chris came down and we had a good old natter in the garden.

But i paid for it last night and this morning old arms sore again and wrists and the old knees and ankles kicking off this morning.

i dream of a bit of remmision 2 days 2 days would be grate

whatch it stop when i go see the rumi man.

must be the rain again heredoing it today so i think this afternoon we will go and have a shower and go in the steam room for a bit

dont think i will bother with the swim today that may be pushing it

hands are itching today also wonder if its the oil or part of the condition.

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Sorry to hear you are not having a good day, not long now before your appointment, here's hoping they will be able to help you.


thanks george it was a bad day yesterday but i got out with me mate for dinner before it kicked in true style and only when to pool to use steam room and jacozsi could not face the water didnt want me knees red raw yesterday that would have been to much compared to everyting else


Going into the pool might be useful even if you don't swim loads of lengths just float and relax it will do wonders. Its not much fun is it when your in pain. My joints decided last night to join in the fight against me. I just went to bed and had a cry as i was so fed up with the pain. The weather is changing and it is going to rain thats why i ached so much last night. When your appt is due push yourself so that when you see the rheumy you will be in the same place as you are today. Hope you soon recover and feel more like the you you know. sylvi...xx


hi sylvi

whent to pool but just used the steam room and jacozi

its was ache like hell yesterday love to the fact that i just veged for one once not done it before just usuaqlly keep going at a pace but yesterday i didnt know weather to take paracetomol or brufen all da.

this morning not to bad but arms and knees aren aching but not as much its hard work this with the weather change im dreading winter months ive lost so much of me bum i can feel me coxy on the seat when im driving it uncomfortoble

and for some unknow reason when i get out of bed after a 1/2 an hr me ears start ringing and last night me eyes where watering on me

dont get me wrong but ive come on a bit probably getting a bit used to it know in that i can walk a bit but it hurts NICE TO SHARE IN IT AND I WILL LET YA KNOW WAHT GOES ON TOMMORRROW be nice if he said know what this is shot in bum and cooking on gas again but i think i have been left to long with this 5 months i would not have thought things could come on so fast


Do you live in a spa? My fantasy is to have one in the basement. No chance by the way which is why it's a fantasy. Hope the appt goes well



hi cathie

no i use a club near us cost me 19 quid a month so its not worth heating the water up for a shower if ya go every other day is it

but i do like swimming for the last 7 years this got rid of it last time nearly exept for a bit of clunks that didnt hurt.


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