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Day off... sort of.. well almost.. Not it's not an April Fool

I got up had a glass of warm water and lemon juice, a cup of red bush, took the before meal tabs, Omeprazole, Boron, and Serra Enzyme, did my daughter's sarnies (only because I need a favour - I'm not daft! Well I am mostly but not today)prepared me brekkie and went back to bed!!! Ta dah.

Haven't given the chickies a single thought.

Up again, made a coffee, have a bowl of nuts (brazils, walnuts, and almonds) for snackie poos and hope to get back to my book shortly before lunch. Ahhhhh...

New Year in the farming calendar for us. Finished calving, almost finished lambing, and the last of last years hogs went at 6 a.m. this morning. So turn over a new leaf for me too.

The only fly in the ointment is,... you might guess.... having RA. But then if I didn't I wouldn't be having a day off. See what you have to do to get some time off around here? :-)

Mild stiffness this morning, definite pains in my wrist (left) and knee (right) and bottom of my right foot (the feeling like you have something in your shoe)

We are selling the last of our haylage to a chappie who sells it on to posh people in London and Home Counties who have horses, before this years grass starts to grow and needs cutting. Everything is looking so much greener with this bit of rain we are having, so off we go again..

Feeling a lot more clearer headed today and I do wonder whether in my blogs I have sounded a bit "off the wall", contradictory" or arguing with myself (is that the same as contradictory - nit), but that's how the last few months have felt since my diagnosis. If so, I apologise to anybody who has said "Eh.... what she on about". Thank you all for being there.

Happy Ill Day x Even though

you don't look it...corblimey x

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Hi Julie, April fool? well you never know with you! lol

I so love reading your bloggs, as I'm reading about your farm I am so there! ( or wish I was) just sounds so relaxing. I know its very hard work, it's the way you describe every detail, I feel like I'm there, mmmmm!! You don't sound to bad today, hope I'm right! If I am don't over do it!!

I've had bad back ache today so not been so good myself, never mind eh.

Take care mand xx


Thanks Mand.

Yep having a fairly good day. Sorry about your back... keeping taking the tablets... lol.x


love the cat xxx


Hi julie

Whats the cats name/ we have a black and white cat called Beau, Iwill try and put phossie of her on.

I've been reading up on your diet, years ago I did a degree in health foods and supps i must admit some of what you are taking sounds familiar others not so sure.

i too love your bloggs your as mad as a march hare i bet you get those on the farm.

take care

Love Triciax


Hi Tricia.

Yep nutty as a fruit cake... not many hares around here though.

That is my daughters puddy tat, Misty, she is an absolute darling, and has won over everyone, even those who don't like cats! When she is really relaxing she puts her front legs up behind her head, so funny, will try and find a photo. Hope you are recovering after Thursday's adventure. Take care Julie x


your aches and pains .. typical in afraid.. me too, both wrists. knees and left elbow.. hands and feet are normally affected in my case.. the others are add ons!!. is there a song about this... " you put your left foot in...."


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