Have a happy and safe Christmas

Well I have finally finished cleaning the old house, we moved on Friday and handed the keys over today Christmas eve here in Oz. Boy am I glad that is over I am wrecked to say the least. we to take the doors off the fridge as it shouldn't fit through any doors and it now resides in the laundry as it won't fit in the hole in the kitchen. hahahah I am now cooking a huge chicken and pavlova for tomorrow and will do the turkey in the morning. To say that I am exhausted would be an understatement and had to finish off the shopping today. I am driving for 2 days on the 27th to have a weeks holiday and I cannot wait to lay on the beach do no packing unpacking or cleaning. Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.

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  • Well i hope you get settled in soon and enjoy your christmas. I bet your looking forward to your holiday. Have a lovely time both for christmas and your holiday.xxxx

  • Thanks Sylvi I am looking forward to a rest eventually. we moved and cleaned in 38c heat. It was horrendous. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

  • It will be different as we have another addition to our family. Our son got married in October to a lovely Romanian lady and boy is she a lovely addition. You enjoy your rest my friend.xxxx

  • oh yes I remember you telling us. How wonderful. I bet you will enjoy yourselves immensely

  • She is quite excited about it,she hasn't seen so many decorations in one house. I took her out to aldi last night to see if we could find some nice food from her country or close to. She was in heaven. The one thing that pleased me was when she saw some sweets that she used to share with her grandma,it was such a lovely moment.xxxx

  • Oh that is so lovely Sylvi I am sure she is loving having you as a MIL. My husband was posted in Romania back just before Ceaucescu was overthrown he said it was a very beautiful country but so sad how the people were treated. Just terrible.

  • Merry Christmas & enjoy your holiday x

  • Thanks Caza, you have a lovely Christmas too

  • Hello

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

    Over the Years we have spent a few Christmas and New Years with family in Perth. It is nice a Christmas in the sun


  • Yes we wouldn't know what to do with snow at Christmas mind you where I love it has snowed in the middle of summer on Christmas day once that I remember! hahaha You and your family have a lovely Christmas

  • Congratulations on your new home and who cares you can live out of boxes for a few weeks and now enjoy Christmas ! Xx

  • Hahah yes we have a double garage full but I will deal with them when we get back from holidays. If only I could find the box with all my kitchen utensils I fear it is in the garage under a lot of other boxes. Have a lovely Christmas.

  • That all sounds way too much, but, leave everything where it is, go outand enjoy the beach and the sun. SWill restore your energy 100 fold. You can unpack in the New Year! All the best wishes for your Christmas and a New AYear of peace and painlessness :) Blessings xxxx

  • You too Lorann. Yes we at least have the basics and will cope with the rest later.

  • sounds like you deserve your holiday, enjoy. Have a good and happy christmas all


  • You too Chris, have a lovely Christmas

  • Happy Christmas

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