Tomorrows the big day!

I have been struggling with this cold since Tuesday, and as someone wisely said on here recently, it has lasted 5 days, felt bit better today, no real sign of infection, just awfully tired and headachy.

Anyway not to bore you, but am always unnerved & worried about immune response at slight sign of infection, as I used to get bronchitis & asthma, before RA, hav'nt had it in a long while. touch wood etcetc.

I am not going to my GP in morning, had made apt for 9am, but as I have an apt to see orthopaedic consultant at 11, am not bothering will go later in week if seems like have lingering infection. Half thinking might mention infection to surgeon, no thats not good idea, will stick to talking about my ankle, he can tell me what he saw on MRI. He suspects main tendon damage.

Actually, I know its silly but I am quite worried, I dont want to have surgery or have bad pain, or be out of action for three months at the mercy of my hubs & 2 glam puss daughters, who will be of no help.

one is featured in my profile pic :)

Oh I'm just moaning I'd love to have new ankles and straight toes and no bunion, but is that possible, not likely :(

I did'nt take methotrexate this week because ill, stangely my wrists are sore & my neck is stiff, I know it cant happen that quick still, looking forward to my bedtime lemsip. my own Manuka honey and fresh lemon crushed paracetamol one. yummy, and sleep inducing.

Will let you know what surgeon says, I'm probably stressing over nothing.

Nite nite, going to watch 'The Borgias' in bed. its great!


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Hi Gina, good luck with surgeon tomorrow. I never liked the idea of surgery but you have to think of the future and how much it will help you. Three months recovery isn't that long really not in the concept of things anyway. The thing is you don't want your ankle to get any worse and if surgery can help you now I say go for it, and I'm certainly speaking from experience lol!!

Hope the cold gets better soon.

Lovely picture too by the way.

Take care

mand xx


Hi Gina - Hope you get to see this before you go. Good luck with the surgeon today and I agree with mand. If I was in your position, I would defo have it done. Having suffered with poorly feet (oh what a martyr!) I would get it done. As far as I can tell from others who have had surgery - its' for the better.

I am sure hubs and glampussies will look after you?? Take care me duck

Julie xxx


good luck gina xx


hope all goes well for you today. sylvia. xx


Hi Gina, how did you get on with the surgeon? Hope he was able to set your mind at rest. My feet are also very painful - not helped by hammer toes either but have been told there is nothing to be done certainly not at this stage. do get pain in my ankle joints but nothing I can't deal with.

Keep up with the lemon and honey until the cold has gone. Hope you are feeling better now. LavendarLady xx


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