Worst day in fifteen years of RA and his friends.

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all as well as you can be. I am sorry this is going to be a long and miserable post. Yesterday was the best i have ever felt in 15yrs of having RA/RD and its friends. I have pain in my back that as soon as i get on my feet. I spent yesterday afternoon in bed not on it as usual. My hands and fingers hurt and my finger tips as well. My elbows and shoulder hurt as well. I also think i have a chest infection,but unless i go tot he drs i won't find out. I tried the other day at the drs to tell her i didn't feel well,but with only 10mins per appt she couldn't cover all my problems( and it makes you wonder why you bother going at all) I have been very depressed over it all as well and weepy,i have tried to help hubby take the decorations down and i would get upset at the least little thing,i would snap at the least little thing as well. I tried to reach for tinsel and my back stabs me in the back(sorry for the pun,i am trying to keep cheerful) The same happens when i bend and when i stand it hurts as well. My knee which had the replacement in it has been more swollen than usual and hot as well. My gp is going to refer me to the surgeon who did the surgery as i need reassurance there is nothing wrong with my knee. I am going to have to ring the surgeon who did my back and see if he will check me over as the pain is not from what he did for me.He did say i was riddled down my back with Arthur,which makes me think there is trouble elsewhere there going on. My right hip is painful as well and how much of that is coming from my back. I am getting exhausted by it all. I am going to ring the drs and speak to my rheumy nurse there and see what she can do for me re;speaking to the dr or get the dr to visit me. I don't want to end up in bed,but it seems to be the only place i can feel comfy. Hugs to you all.xxxx

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  • Bad day Sylvia. Backs are so awful , one of the worst pains I think. But this too will pass. And maybe rest will help x

  • I am going to ring the drs later this morning.xxxx

  • Hello love remember it will pass x call your Rheumy or Gp and make sure your chest is clear!!! You don’t need an infection of top of RA x it will get better just rest lovely lady 💕💕

  • Thank you darling,i think i am going to ask for a visit which is so unlike me. I will stay in my pjs today as i don't have the energy for much else.xx

  • You do that sweetheart 💕 But make sure you get checked xx

  • I am going to ask for a home visit.xxx

  • Hope you feel better soon. Rest up and take carexxx

  • Thank you darling.xxxx

  • I’m sorry you feel so bad love all I can do is send big soft hugs for both you and hubby love Dawn 💕💕

  • Hi Sylvi I think your doing the right thing in calling the go as you can nip it in the bud if it's an infection, hope you feel better soon darling xxx

  • Ho my god you poor thing Sylvi get hold of 111 service or get a ambulance out get into a and e it's not funny when u feel like that I cried knowing my 16 year old daughter had to pull my pants up after going the loo embarracing she didn't mind of course but I did and I know what u say about emotional get sorted Sylvi and keep intouch not like Mrs Christmas to not be so positive you give me my boast so I'm here if u need chat take care love xx

  • Mrs Christmas doesn't have the energy to do anything i am afraid. xxx

  • Arr bless u my lovely get rest sweet and try relax have some Sylvi time stuff that needs doing can wait always another day xx

  • I'm so sorry you are starting the New Year suffering. As for you helping hubby to take down the Christmas decorations...well....leave them up until you are feeling better. Let's be honest now... don't Christmas decorations make you happy?....so my advice to you is to leave them up until Chinese new year....and if you don't know when Chinese new year is...well then you have a good excuse to leave them up until summer....lol. I guess what I am trying to say is try and relax. You are in pain at the moment & hubby must be worried about you. Let's get you to your doctors appointments so that you can be painfree .

    Sending you a big hug


  • I am going to ask for a visit from the dr something i hate doing.xxxx

  • Wow!! I'm gobsmacked.....Do you mean to tell me that doctors make house calls in the UK?

  • Yes they do visit patients who are really ill. I just don't think i could get up there the way i am. yesterday was the worst i have felt in such a long time.xxxx

  • I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. You need to get better soon, as I need you to go waterskiing with me through the Panama canal.

  • Doctor calling after morning surgery darling.xxxx

    I am going to go and have a wash and put some fresh pjs on.xxx

  • Glad Bob phoned for you. You've got a good man for a husband.....and yes, have a wash and put on fresh PJs.

  • Did I read this wrong? Do doctors still make house calls in the UK? ...if they do then I think you should celebrate how lucky you are living in the UK...AND there is no need to feel guilty. You are in pain and you need a doctor to help you.

    ....Gosh, doctors stopped making house calls in Canada in 1972.

  • I hate having to ask for a visit. Same as i hate calling out the paramedics.xxx

  • Well then Sylvi, you need to change your attitude. You are a wonderful, fun loving lady with crazy coloured hair.....so you need to get all the medical help available to you. YOUR LIFE HAS VALUE...and Suzy needs a waterskiing buddy!!

    Love ya girl


  • Your right darling, but i was born in a generation where you just got on with it. Doctors were respected and if you could get to the surgery you would darling.xxxx

  • Yes I totally agree with what you have said. If you are able to go to the surgery then you should. period..

    ..but if you are unable to do this, please don't feel guilty.

    I wish you well & I hope you just have an annoying cough NOT an infection.

  • Bless you Sylvi , Sending you a big hug 🌟

    I really beleive that this cold weather does not help our painful joints And I am looking forward to springtime and the Daffodils , take care lovely Lady Xx

  • Dear Sylvi, I so hoped 2018 would be the year you turned a corner. There's no shame in staying in bed if you're bad & your GP of course will make a house call if you're unable to make it to the Surgery, or are at risk of picking something up from sitting in the waiting room. Try to rest & don't worry about keeping us updated, we understand you need rest. Love & hugs ((x))

  • I will let you know after the drs been darling i owe you all that for the support you have given me over the last few months.xxxx

  • Hi sorry to here sylv .think you probaly need a few days rest bite to see if any improvement or intervention .seems your depression maybe creeping in a bit .hope you get better soon take care xx

  • Your right there Ajay because the more i try the worse i become. Depression has always been a part of my life and most of the time it is manageable,but at the moment with my weakened immune system the way it is i don't have any fight in me.Never mind the dr will be here later,xxxx

  • 🤞

  • Poor thing I hope your getting the proper attention and feel better ASAP.

  • Thank you all for your lovely word. Dr has given me some antibiotics and told me to stop and REST and as you all know that is something i find hard to do,xxxxx

  • Oh Sylvi, you are having such a bad time at the moment. I know it’s hard not doing anything, and boring, but are you resting enough? I sound like my mum!

  • It seems i wasn't ,but now i have to darling and thank you for caring.xxxxx

  • Oh bless you, Sylvi. I don't know what to say so just sending huge gentle hugs


  • The hugs are gratefully received darling.xxxx

  • Sorry you are feeling so poorly at the moment x

  • Thank you darling.xxx

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